Streets of Rage Remake V5 - Route 10 - Level 8 - End of Route





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Published on May 25, 2011

playing as adam

the remake of streets of rage...a game combining pretty much all aspects of the streets and bare knuckle games...levels, characters, even fan made level segments and enemies and characters

streets of rage remake..its not just a graphics thing. along side picking your starting point...they branch out and pathways may cross over...leading to A LOT of combinations to the end levels and different places to find mr x. also in addition to this there a lot of original levels made for the remake too...making it bigger

you can play as any character from the old games...so that means adam has some new moves. you have the option of guns (although i keep them switched off) some unlockable characters and skins...some new enemies. you can choose which special move from which game to use...although cop cars will always be available. helicopters replace cop cars in some levels which makes more sense for it to be in such as lift or enclosed levels...some levels such as indoors, have no room for cop specials

there is a colour editor so you can change the colours of the players or enemy characters. you can cycle through different coloured outfits too

some existing levels are changed a bit...an example among many, is the second level in the first game, has a new segment with the boss in it after the initial one we know about is played through

theres a lot to the game, if you kill an enemy with a sword it might slice them apart....note the word, might...so it isnt overdone. also some new explodable barrels might decapitate them too

new jet ski levels in addition to the lost streets of rage 3 bike levels

boss characters appear in newly made levels too so you might encounter them more than once. all enemies from the past games are here....so you got streets of rage 1 garcias/galsias fighting along side the sequels' garcias and galsias

cameos from other beat em ups appear sometimes....like the splatter house guy and cody from final fight

in some areas, the snipers from the box art in the first game show up

you can choose what health system the weapons use, set limited uses until you drop it or it drops itself or the health bar. a special swing for bats and pipes is added. knives and swords might have special moves too

i will be playing this for a while...also, i take an ai character to help me along in the fight


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