Biggest Whitetail Kill





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Published on Nov 28, 2011

Crossbow hunting Big Buck !!!!

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Mark Ford
This is not hunting. This is two fat asses shooting an animal from the safe tree platform. No hunting skill needed for this.
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Josh lower
i hunt in jeans and a flannel shirt. all my hunting gear might amount to 300 bucks tops so if youu think huntings for rich people get out of lala land and grow the fuck up. for lots of people hunting is a way of life andwe depend on it. its you rich people that fucked up hunting by turning it into a sport and you rich peoplehave no respect for nature
Preston Soccio Outdoors
+Juanito Calavera and I forgot to say I.hunt for meat and to be out in nature and enjoy
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Stupid bitch..
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Is it you stupid.
Caveman Al Toraboran
+TheRaellz She is fake and trying to look cool (she failed). Someone must cinch this bitch to some kitchen with a stove on her sorry arse.
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Dora Morrow
You are a hunter, and you know it! Get out of the closet!! Enjoy nature!! Kill some deer! Until next hunt keep hunting and have fun!!
Dora Morrow
Deer meat is the best!
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+Larry Wilson i love Pussy, i go to your Mother's house and i asked for it, just like your Dad
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Seth Clayburn
Great Shot!! But there's just something lazy about sitting in one spot waiting to shoot as opposed to the stock in Kill and I've noticed that most of the hunters that sit in one spot waiting are almost always overweight
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have a nice day
I was not aware hunting had a "spirit" I mearly thought it was something one did. Baiting is legal and a part of hunting for some. It does not defile anything it mearly puts food on ones plate.Some people have different ethics there is not one set of ethics for all hunters.If you do not agree with baiting I get it but others like it and it is effective and legal and defiles nothing. Oh and the term is spot and stalk.Cheers !
No Libbies
First, it's "stalk and kill." Second, deer have no natural enemies above them so they rarely look up, which is why hunting them from a tree stand makes sense. However, these two were baiting the deer which is bullshit. If it's legal it's legal, but baiting any animal defiles the sport of hunting and violates the spirit and ethics of it.
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No Libbies
Baiting deer? tsk tsk Even if it's legal, it's still bullshit. Get out there and find the deer and stalk them; don't kill them while they're stalking your bait. This is some weak shit, but judging by the looks of this woman this is the only way she is ever going to get a shot on an animal. Guaranteed she didn't dress out that deer either. And that shot placement was horrible. From that distance you should have skewered his heart but you hit eight inches behind where you should have. I'm not Daniel Boone but WTF? You were thirty yards away from him for crying out loud.
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arcticwolfgirl skyler
I agree There Obviously not Seasoned Hunters But I say Job Well done and there Isnt a thing wrong with Baiting Them She was still out In the cold and and Took It Ethically I call JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!
Andreas Ifantis
No Libbies
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malica andrews
No respect at all! No feeling for the hunted deer!!! No hunter-spirit at all!
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Michael Wynne
So I guess people that film cooking shows are inhumane? How about people who buy factor farmed meat are they inhumane? FYI 99 percent of the population eats factory farmed meat. Your right most people don't brag about the nice piece of chicken they found at the super market because they are not hiking, sitting for hours to wait for it to come by in the cold, climbing a later stand, and then butchering the entire animal. That one deer is likely a good three months worth of meals for a couple of two. I would brag about that any day of the week.
Steve S
Yes you right BUT hunting and killing is necessity not a show ,entertainment and trophies collection to show in front of friends.When you buy your food at grocery store ,e.g meat you do not make picks or films to show your family or friends.So hunting turns into a simple killing ,worst that butchery .The butchers do not film what they do in the slaughter house .Besides Think of very common scenario( with crossbow hunting) if she would have missed the animal... so instead making a humane, killing shot she let it run and suffer ,eventually being,a helpless, an easy prey for coyotes and wolves..I betcha ya, she would not even track it a bit further that it showed on the film.IT IS KILLING NOT HUNTING.
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Bob Kerbs
Some people hunt and some people gather.
Dora Morrow
+Bob Kerbs you got that right! Bob
When I saw you find it dead I stared to cry. Rest In peace poor deer.
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+SkaterE would you have rathered the meat wasted and them not find it? SMH
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Bethany Orchard
i HATE hunters and that means i hate you i dont think that deer was living just to be killed by stupid hunters like you! i think deers are cute and your destroying a living creatures life for money how selfish are you. Your really a sicko! And this is coming from a 11 year old who has a heart unlike you!
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fuck you ya whiny cunt
Rich Archer
Hope I fill my freezer .Archery is in,  
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