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2008/05/06 に公開

It apologizes because of a dirty grammar.
It is an image to tell the threat of the atomic bomb dropped to Hiroshima in World War II.
I am not because it starts making the United States a twicer and I delivered this animation. Because there is a reason why the atomic bomb is dropped also for Japan.
It is not in peace or such an outrageous thing, and as the ideal, ordinary ..what.. daily life that can be spent is.., too wishes to be given to the living in which world actually, and improves this animation would like you to understand to seeing this animation saying just now Welcome home it is possible to return to my home.
The whitewashing doesn't arrive at achievement though might think of the whitewashing if it doesn't keep saying.
The content of animation is miserable. However, please do not turn one's eyes away. It is an event that actually occurred 63 years ago. It is not in the lie.
A similar thing is repeated in the region where the war and the dispute that continues now have occurred though the scale is different.
This animation is not in the fiction though it writes tenaciously.
I want you to see by all means. I lose hope that the family lives in the appearance of this animation when changing completely.
It wishes the thing where all the people spread out the palm of one's hand and it can walk.