WARCRIMES - US soldiers speak - I killed innocent civilians (full documentary)





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Published on Jan 2, 2012

iraq war, soldiers tell the truth themselves abt warcrimes ( full documentary)

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The American people are very much like the children of a Mafia boss who do not know what their father does for a living, and don’t want to know, but then wonder why someone just threw a firebomb through the living room window. This basic belief in America’s good intentions is often linked to “American exceptionalism”.
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Jessy Ventura
US and NATO are biggest Terrorists and destroyers in the world.
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Lance Dixon
you F boys and goats, no fooling, and you love it.
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dakito fey
the us. will be paying for this for generations to come
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Basic Gaming
+SGT MAYHEM God fucking damn man...Do you fuck dogs aswell? If so, You're the definition of retarded, If not, Then just stupid.
Austin Cornette
+SGT MAYHEM you are so god damn stupid
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Leo Murdock
Genocide of indians, both physical and cultural. Using 2 atomic bombs on civilians in Japan Using ammos with depleted uranium in Iraq, contaminating their own troops and the civilian populations. Napalm bombing of Vietnam Playing "sorcerer's apprentice" with Al-Qaida, giving weapons to terrorist movements before realizing they made a big mistake. Using Israel as an outpost, plotting to send an atomic bomb on Egypt during the arabic-israelian wars. Sheltering the companies that drains the world resources to generate unlimited and pointless profits while preparing a climatic disaster. Massive spying of US citizen. Conducting tortures in a medieval prison called Guantanamo. Countless crimes committed by soldiers, humiliating and torturing prisoners, killing civilians on purpose... I could keep on for hours.
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Con Omer
+Dion R Yes should be, b/c otherwise Isis would kill us all. They defend us, they put their lives on the line so pricks like you are able to live without having radical terrorists blow you up. If you have a problem with the military, blame the government, not the soldiers themselves.
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it takes enormous courage to come forward and admit these crimes against humanity these men should be commended for stepping forward to tell us the public what our tax payers money buys these days. Its clear what it buys the deaths of countless innocent men women and children. we cant fight terror with terror or humanity is lost.
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Dildo Swaggins
they should fukcing hang for their crimes against humanity. there is no coming back from murdering innocent people, these soldiers lost their right to life.
Ana Castellano
Exactly.. I'm glad these soldiers came out and exposed the political war criminals for what they are..
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Parvin Zamany
Bush is the biggest criminal psychopath. It is such joke that criminals like Bush and Cheney can go free,  and US is still talking about human rights. How dare you fucking criminal ass holes. America is the most hated country in the world. Thanks to the military complex system and the Jewish BANKSTERS.
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Sam Awada
+Adam Warlock why because your a zionist jew
Nghbrhd Ho
there's no sense in quantifying these people, stop living in a movie script.
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Karina Nalbandyan
Im glad good American people are brave enough to expose the truth. The rulers are brainwashing people with their very deceitful words. Just like the Nazis convinced the whole German nation to stand behind the Nazis and except the Nazis crimes against humanity as something good and necessary. The Nazis also did it through propaganda, they brainwashed the German people. And when the Nazi war was over the world blamed the German common people and low ranking Nazi soldiers. All of the high-ranking Nazis lieutenants, generals, rocket scientists were all smuggled to America Britain and Russia. All of their crimes forgiven, they will put up in higher up positions that paid them well. It's repeating itself again
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My fellow brothers and sisters in arms, lets stop fighting for Zionist Scum. 
+Michelle Cohen Zionist politicians sent us there. hence stop fighting for "Zionist Scum". understand?
Michelle Cohen
Please explain how and why this war was fought for "Zionist Scum"? 
Royal Zak
American soldiers are pathetic scum bags, subhuman, pieces of shit. They're worthless creatures, absolute bums and disgrace to humanity.
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All Soldiers are.
Daniel P
+Royal Zak As an American, I agree with you. American soldiers, and more specifically their commanders, seem little different then Nazi soldiers at this point.
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James Oliver
America will fall
Success Life
+chris g yeah right and america winning also in the compition of "who gonna kill most " what a shame ! i wonder what people would say in 200 years after they read history :/
chris g
probably when a rock comes from outer space .... but besides that America will win... at everything don't be mad
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