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Uploaded on Aug 12, 2010

One last upload before departing for WDW! *lacks creative title skills at the moment*

Video #1: I can do anything MEP for BIS
Song: "I can do anything" by 3OH!3
Type of MEP: Badass Male Characters/Actors
Subject: Matt Lanter{MY MATTY!}
Footage: 90210 Season 2, Sorority Row, War Games: The Dead Code, Disaster Movie, Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream, Interviews and Behind the Scenes stuff
Studio: Beyond Innocence Studios
Notes- Oh, I love this so much! I love Matty so much! He owns my heart forever! He's so awesome and so sexy! So this one is hosted by Fuzzy at my adoring BIS! She picked an awesome song! Ok, so for this one we could either choose a "badass" male actor or character. At first I thought Liam, then I saw we could choose an actor. So I went with Matt, to showcase more than just Liam. Matt always seems to portray interesting characters. No matter what he does, I love him. He's amazing{not to mention completely adorable}. He is my love!

Video #2: Cascada Megamix MEP for MDP
Song: "Truly Madly Deeply" by Cascada
Type of MEP: Animash
Footage: The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Tarzan, Anastasia, Pocahontas, Princess & The Frog, Cinderella 3, Thumbelina, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Atlantis, and Quest for Camelot
Studio: Magical Disney Productions
Notes- Alright, I LOVE this song{though I prefer the slower version}. Cascada=AMAZING! So I HAD to join this. Most of the other "good" songs were taken, so I snagged this and I'm quite pleased with how it looks. I hate doing animashes. I would much rather work with just a few movies, but I'm horrible at animashes. This took 2 days to finish so I hope it's good. But I like it so I guess that's all that matters.

Video #3: Don't let me fall MEP for BIS
Song: "Don't let me fall" by Lenka
Type of MEP: Canon Pairings
Footage: As Told By Ginger series
Pairing: Ginger/Darren
Studio: Beyond Innocence Studios
Notes- EEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I really really REALLY LOVE IT!!! Ok, so this is for one I'm hosting at BIS. I just adore this song so I HAD to open a MEP with it. The theme is a canon pairing that starts out as a boy and girl being close friends, which blossoms in to romance. So I Ginger Foutley and Darren Patterson from ATBG. I used to watch this show when it was on Nickelodeon back in the day. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite. Probably because it's more a teen show. It's a REALLY great show with realistic plotlines that deal with real issues kids/teens deal with. The characters actually develop and have REAL personalities. I'm really happy I can appreciate it more that I'm older. Anyways, throughout the series Ginger{the main character} is best friends with Darren{who starts out as a rather "geeky" character, but develops into quite a hottie as the show progresses, as well as somewhat of a jerk}. In this, I showed the bond that Ginger and Darren have. It's a mixture of different parts instead of going in chronological order. I am quite pleased with it and I really enjoyed making it, though the clips suck{got them from yt}. May vid more with this show someday. =D

Video #4: Total eclipse of my heart MEP for EDS
Song: "Total Eclipse of My Heart" by...
Type of MEP: Crossover Couples
Footage: Atlantis and Tarzan
Pairing: Kida/Tarzan
Studio: Eternal Devotion Studios
Notes- Yes, another new group. Last one, I swear. Anyways, the first MEP for this group. It's going to be so pretty. Ok, so this is a couple that is trying to keep their love together, but it's...failing. I chose Kida and Tarzan. I loved working with these two. They're adorable! First time working with Tarzan in a crossover{*gasps*} and I LOVED it! Ok, so I guess here Tarzan is leaving Kida in order to sail away, and she's sad to see him leave. She knows she must end their relationship for the best, but they'll both miss each other. I fail! XP

Video #5: Tribute to Fathers MEP for EDS
Song: "
Type of MEP: Father tribute{canon}
Footage: Quest for Camelot
Pairing: Kayley/Lionel
Studio: Nostalgic Memories Studios
Notes- No, I take that back. This is where I fail in this collection. This is something I wipped up in about half an hour so I could get 23 uploaded with 5 parts. Tell me it's not THAT bad. Ok, so I snagged this one kind of late in the game so alot of the "good" father and daughter/son pairings were already claimed. No one seemed to want this part, so I took it. Kayley and her father were the first pairing that came to mind when I heard it{though he only appears for a short time since he's killed}, so I wasn't sure what I was getting in to when I asked for them. I think I did ok in the little time I worked on it. I doubt I could do better if I had more time anyways. This song is generally sad, so I'm kind of glad I got a more happy part of it. And I always love working with Camelot since it's one of those offbeat kind of films. =D


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