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Published on Mar 20, 2012

*SPOILERS* Take a look at the description before any question. Thanks.

I did not cut Grunt and Kasumi's death scenes, you can compare them with the normal ones if you don't believe me. ↓

Kasumi : 0:00 Disappears if she wasn't loyal in Mass Effect 2.

Grunt : 2:36 Dies against the Rachni if you choose to save the Queen while he wasn't loyal in Mass Effect 2.

Mordin : 4:48 You can let him sacrifice himself to cure the genophage or betray him.

Kirrahe 11:33 : If Thane died in Mass Effect 2 or if you didn't talk to him at the hospital, Kirrahe will show up instead.

Ashley/Kaidan 13:59 : Fail to convince them during the attack of the Citadel. If you build too much intimacy with them (visiting the hospital, ...), they will always be convinced no matter what you said (if you didn't get the salarian councilor killed of course).

Thane : 18:40 If you talked to him at the hospital, he will be stabbed by Kai Leng during the attack of the Citadel, then dies in the hospital afterward.

Zaeed : 21:51 Dies if he wasn't loyal in Mass Effect 2.

Samara : 22:38 Don't stop her from killing herself.

Legion : 25:03He will be killed by Tali if you choose to destroy the geth or will sacrifice himself if you choose any of the other choices.

Tali : 27:17 She will commit suicide if you choose to upload the code without making peace between the quarians and the geth.

Wrex : 30:22 If you sabotage the cure, he will try to kill you at the Citadel after you talked to the Asari councilor.

Miranda : 32:49 She will die no matter what if you don't warn her about Kai Leng, if she was not loyal in Mass Effect 2, if you break up with her, or if you didn't gave her access to the Alliance files.
She will be killed by her father if you don't pick the blue or red option and don't trigger the renegade interrupt.

Jack : 37:49 If you don't do the Grissom Academy mission, she will appear later as a Phantom in the Cerberus base.

Kai Leng : 38:26

Steve : 39:55 He will die if you don't complete his friendship/romance path.

Deleted pre-extended cut squadmates death + bodies : 40:10

The Illusive Man : 41:13 You need to pick the blue or red option at each conversation with him, and the blue ones in the final conversation if you want him to kill himself.

Anderson : 48:03 "Save" him from TIM.

Bad Ending : 49:40 The two squadmates you take for the final run will die if you don't have enough War Assets, and Earth will be destroyed if you pick the destoy option.

Liara, Garrus, Javik and James can only be killed by the beam.
Jacob can't die, unless he did in Mass Effect 2.
Garrus and Tali will still be dead if they died in Mass Effect 2, no retcon.
Morinth only appears as a banshee in London with no special dialogue.
Legion assassin appears in the Cerberus Base with no special dialogue.
EDI is dead if you choose the destroy ending (Extended cut confirmed it).

Thanks for watching !

PS : This video was done before the extended cut came out, so there isn't any footage of the new bad ending and the squadmates new beam death.

Face code : 122.WI7.865.G3B.AEN.74P.TBI.39G.EJ8.F92.E39.7

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