Aspergers - interacting vs isolation?





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Published on Aug 12, 2009

Aspies seem to choose isolation a lot of the time. But how do you reconcile that trait with the need for society and companionship?

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aspergers is high functioning autism it is an autism spectrum disorder or asd
+ImaginaryGuns I heard they are to remove the term aspergers and just call it high functioning autism.
Steven Douglas
Men need Women.  But, Women do not need MEN!!
Steven Douglas
Ruth, thanks for your support!! Doug Illinois
metal aspie
yes I want to get out and be social but people always bully me and tell me to go back in the hole I crawled out of. so then I end up being isolated him by myself to get away from everybody but I don't want to be in that position. I do come across one or two people and then because of the only people I know I tend to annoy the hell out of them and then they don't want anything to do with me so then I get stuck sitting at my house by myself when I'm not working. I really don't like being in that situation. but it's almost like I don't have a choice
metal aspie
and this has been a lifelong thing I was diagnosed as an adult only like 5 years ago. never really had friends never learn social skills yes even when I was younger
If you have Asperger's, it means you are Autistic because it's on the Autism Spectrum. You can't be on the spectrum and not have what the spectrum is for.
Yoshi Ploeger
The whole social game is confusing, energy zapping and sometimes even nerve wrecking to me. I absolutely prefer 1 on 1 contact or a small group in a sort of...calmer..environment. To clarify: when in a pub or in a restaurant with a group I get lost in all the noise, all the different conversations that are going on and such things. But I love to go  for tea or coffee..sitting in a quiet place and have a good conversation (no small talk please..). But whatever the location or the person(s) it's always costing me a lot of energy and I absolutely prefer to isolate myself for a while after a social occasion. Social interaction can also be nerve wrecking especially if I do not know the person very well. I do not know these peoples motives, I don't know what is expected of me? What are acceptable topics to talk about? Also...salespeople....pushy salespeople...they make me feel very anxious or they annoy me like nothing else..
Drump Cruz
Get a better camera that doesn't look like you filmed this with a potato.  
Red Pilled Libertarian
Potatoes can do wonders.
Red Phoenix
As an aspie loner I am the happiest in isolation. I desire affection rather than company, a gorgeous cutie pie without the garbage that comes with it.
+ckb313235 u r not alone :p
William Grand
Yeah, I have allot of trouble fitting in with established friend circles as well.
Paul Goodrich
take my hand im a stranger in paradise a lost and a lonely man a stranger in paradise
Yesterday at work, someone asked me why I didn't interact with the other workers(where i work there are a lot of disabled people and I don't interact with them because I've had altercations with some of these individuals in the past where now they would see me as someone who was trying to tell them what to do. mind you, most of these individuals think like children but look like adults. This leaves me utterly confused as to how to talk to them because whenever I want to have a one on one chat with someone i can talk to, I'll get interrupted or someone will invite themselves to the conversation throwing the topic out the window. This is often the case with job training meetings. we have these once a month for people who are looking for work outside the current training job. and there is always somebody that has to turn that day's lesson into social time. I'm here to get a job to out of here! Not listen to you talk about something that happened two years ago!) anyway, these people who approached me somehow think this is a problem and think I need counseling. Uh no, I need to be understood not f*king fixed! I have enough stress to put up with coming to a job i hate three days a week where I have to put up with more bullshit than the youtube comments i flagged the previous day! And you have the nerve to tell me I'm special?! How many other workers have you told this line to? I've volunteered in other areas of the college under your department and only one other job I've had holds this belief. You know which one? Child care! We're not children so stop treating us as such! Learn a little more about us before assuming our "problems" need to be fixed! *drops mic
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