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*MUST SEE*! This Is Why People Get Hit By Trains!?!





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Published on Oct 8, 2011

As i was filming a Pan Am locomotive in Ayer MA, this woman walks in front of the moving locomotive and gets her luggage stuck in the track for a brief moment. She couldn't wait for just a few more seconds until the train passed!

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There is an irony in all of this though. We cross roads in front of cars by judging the distance and speed and nothing is thought of it. This woman did the same with the train. Yeah it's a lot bigger but it's quite easy to see that there is no danger to this woman at that speed and distance.
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+Conrail What if she was just a bitter ageing lady who never got to go wing-suiting and wanted a little bit of a thrill for once in her life?
I'm not suggesting that what this woman is doing is sensible. Obviously much better to wait, but at least you know exactly where the train is going to pass which is less the case with a potentially swerving driver. I still think there is an imbalance here.
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if the train was a car, nobody would care. 
Yes, because if it was a car, it would be a able to stop in time. Cars are much lighter than trains. A train is much bigger, and takes longer to stop. When it's only seconds away from the crossing, it can't stop in time if a person randomly walks in front of the train.
Richard Head
She could have smoked a cigarette in front of that oncoming train and still crossed safely. 
Madhav Das
That woman had her speed, time and distance calculations all worked out in her head. She could have safely recrossed the tracks once again if she wished. No drama at all!
CSX Productions
Would u do it?
CSX Productions
To all the idiots here with the dislikes and insulting comments: Operation Lifesaver teaches you this basic safety concept in grade school! Rule of thumb-Do NOT cross in front of a piece of moving railroad equipment.
Wait why is there more dislikes than likes!?
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fake channel
Some creep filmed an old lady crossing train tracks with a slow train about 50 metres away. Then to not look like a creep he just gave it an exaggarated title so everyone thinks he's filming it for excitement and fear when really it's just because he films old lady's
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nick taylor
So she walked over a train track and 10-15 seconds later a train passes by at like 5 miles per hour.... ok...
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Houston Rail Productions
That lady was an idiot, you are not supposed to cross right in front of an approaching train as what the OLS says! Like what if she tripped, it's gonna mean trouble. Btw great catch with that long hood forward SD40-2! It sucks about all those dislikes though.....But seriously, all you jerks in the comments need to grow up! If you don't like it, then don't ever bother watching it! Simple as that!
Paul Warner
If I had been the LE I would have sounded the horn just to scar the crap out of her.    Pan Am Makes the going great.. I remember that  from the airline ads..  :-)
Steve Spud
Trains are awesome.
Now you see kids Thomas is not going to stop for you. He only acts like he cares about children because they pay him to.
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