Triplets' first swimming lesson





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Published on Oct 31, 2011


Triplets are finally 6 mths old! So we decided to try something fun -- SWIMMING! At NEX Shopping Mall (Singapore), there's this BabySpa which offer baby swimming lesson! Very well equipped, with warm baby pool (plus jacuzzi effects!), baby swim diapers, and the cute baby swimming tubes around their neck! Prior to the swim, the trainer perform this mini warm up exercise, which is so fun to watch! Surprisingly, they love to swim, thus we sign up for the package and gonna go back again again and again!
UPDATES (2016):
Thanks for the support, the triplets are 5 years old now and we relocated to Los Angeles a few months after this video was taken. We started a channel to document their childhood and were surprised by the overwhelming responses and views. Thank you so much for loving the kids and enjoying their cute moments. Oh, we started our own clothing line "WinnieTriplets.com" recently, they enjoy modelling and wearing fashionable kids clothing, it's such a fun experience!
I'm reading your comments daily, sorry that I can't reply all as I'm busy looking after the trio. These are some concerns:
- Is the float safe? -- Yes, it's an "infant swim neck float", which is very popular in Asia.

- Are we from China? -- Emm no, we are from Singapore, a tiny island in South East Asia. Our ethnicity is Chinese and we speak English and Chinese/Mandarin.

- Triplets? I only see 2 babies! -- Really? Hmm, maybe because Charlotte didn't join her brothers in the last scene, but there are indeed 3 babies, hehehe.

- Is this Song "Under The Sea"? -- Yupe, I credit it in "Chinese", it's the Chinese version of "Under the Sea".

- And please don't quarrel, you may like or dislike this video or hold totally different views from other viewers, it's ok, don't take it personally. It's just YouTube, don't let it affect you so much. Peace and be happy :)

Happy YouTubing, cheers!!

BLOG http://www.winnietriplets.com
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/WinnieTriplets
INSTAGRAM @WinnieTriplets https://instagram.com/winnietriplets

VENUE: Singapore, NEX Shopping Mall www.babyspa.com.sg NEW VIDEOS EVERY THUR & FRI!

Comments • 1,426

Xyno Cide
I was searching for tornadoes then went to whirlpools then went to child birth deformities and animals attacking people to this, I mean why tf did i end up here?
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Luciana Del Valle Centeno
ginzana rhfrtfg
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Zaizun Kazuma
Hey idiots! The flotation devices on their necks are to make sure they don't drown. Their heads can't go underwater. So stop commenting about it.
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Timothy Byrnes
+irinalda18 if the rings weren't comfortable the infants would have been crying wouldn't they?
Jutima Kerdnoo
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That was absolutely terrifying. 
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Vevean Low
RubyOpheliaQuinn BehrfrgJNVmhfhdo
ira kurniawati
RubyOpheliaQuinn YouTube
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Leissa Marie
Hi. Im curious, and I'm sure I am not the only one who has asked or wondered if this could be bad on their neck or spine? It looks as though they are literally hanging by their necks, especially since they can't stand. Has this been addressed?? They are just adorable. Thank you for sharing
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+Leissa Marie it doesn't hurt them at all
+Robyn Whitu It doesn't pull their body down because they're floating in water.
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Lauren E
i do not like the chinese version of ariel songs
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Winnie Triplets
I think it's pretty cute. Google the singer, she's a cool babe :P
Augusto Santos
+Joanna Lopez edd
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Chrissie McCartney
Does learning to swim early help the baby? It seems like it would help spine development. At first I was like "why?" But then I was like "Aawe!" But still why? 
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Seneca Houston
+A Girls Guide To even if it is just floating, they are learning about water. They have to begin somewhere 
Micah A
It helps them if they get pushed in the pool they can float so they don't drown
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i was watching videos about monkeys and now im here??
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Martyna Martynka
Nuttsuporn Somna
+alice kennon 0 nvcdfgj.0
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Erik Iacopelli
its not like the ring float is strapped to there necks, its under there arms, damn stop being cry babies over every lil thing. The adults were standing right there watching them. 
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Mimi Mana
+Erik Iacopelli Oooooh you might be right. I think I see something plastic under the water. Thanks
Erik Iacopelli
+Mimi Mana no look around 150 ull see the clear straps that are under the kids arms, if it was ONLY on there neck it would prolly kill them, but its under the arms, its just small n clear and clear plastic in water just like glass is very hard to see
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Layla Robinson
For everyone saying this is Torture or dangerous. First of all the babies are not being hurt or in any pain and look like they are enjoying it. Secondly if they do happen to slip through there are always people watching them. So lay off.
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Winnie Triplets
+beautiful grande hi, we are Chinese from Singapore, not China. Singapore is a tiny island (country) in South East Asia. We speaks English and our native language (which is Chinese), glad to know u :)
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Jomir Bautista
just the cutest swimming babies!
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Johan Lerouxi
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