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Published on Jun 1, 2011

Vidder: Loki
Title: Cherry Tree
Song: Cherry Tree
Artist: The National
Warnings: none
Category: general
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam
Summary: All roads lead to the crossroad.

A/N: I would really like to thank daria_chagina for her awesome ideas, 404ing for amazing beta, and of course, my man джаффар, who was the one who found this song and who was awesome through the whole process of making it.

There's actually a lot I wanted to say about this video, and since I've been making it since last December, I'm not sure if I'll make any sense right now lol A lot of this I took from my beta notes for Coty, so yeah :P

I wanted to make this video about the journey of the boys, like, general video if you want. The thing I wanted t concentrate on was this "what if..." aspect. The timeline of the video takes up the beginning of the show and ends with 2014 scene.

I wanted to show the road the boys went down. So therefore the clips in the beginning of the video. Basically the whole video is divided into three parts: The road, Running and Falling. I know, very creative *__*

In the first part I wanted to show the beginning, the events during the years. In the second part I wanted to show the fight with the boys' destiny I guess? They run from their destiny, they run from themselves, because they're afraid of that they might become. The third part is where they kind of give up. Sam gives up to the dark powers inside him and Dean kind of gives up on everything else.

I pretty much went with lyrics, trying to show the first focal point of the whole story -- when Sam died and Dean went to the crossroad to make a deal. Actually, everything in this video circles around this deal. I wanted to show the parallel between Dean making the deal (2x22) and Sam (3x05) -- the resemblance and the differences, because even though they both made a deal to save another, they kind of did it for the different reasons, like, Dean made a deal because he couldn't live without his brother, and Sam made a deal because he kind of felt like he owed Dean? I'm not saying that Sam doesn't love Dean or anything, but IMHO there always was more of darkness inside of him than in Dean. I also wanted to show the resemblance between Sam and Death.
It's like there's no turning back, no way out, all roads lead to the "same" crossroad. It's like they stuck, they always go to the crossroads because they love each other too much and they keep making mistakes because of this love. And all the running lead to nothing good. Sam gave up to the dark powers and Dean couldn't do anything about it. They're both sorry for the things they've done but there's no turning back.
I really liked this scene back in season one, where Dean gave the gun to Sam and then there's the result of it. It's like Dean is the one who pushed Sam. He was the one who gave Sam the gun at the first place.

I wanted to end this video with this scene because I wanted to imagine what it's like, the whole road, the possible future that we saw in the show. Sam breaks Dean's neck, and there's no other Dean that was sent from the past to make any difference. And then, we'are back to the crossroad, the very first deal Dean made for Sam. What if The Red Eyed Demon never agreed to make a deal? What if she just went away leaving Dean with nothing but a dead brother? What if there was no Apocalypse at all? What if this was the only way to save the world and the boys themselves -- to never bring Sam back?


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