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Published on Feb 22, 2012

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Finally, I present to you the video I've been working on for the past few months. Yes, some was procrastination, some was Vegas being a prick. But here it is, safely in the dispensary of the Youtube community. Have fun, and enjoy.

In this fabulous adventure, a once madness-ridden landscape of every common Team Fortress 2 server turns into a young little gamer's nightmare. Upon accidentally opening a portal to another dimension and video game engines, it's up to the one and only unique Engineer to fix what he has started. A dastardly little demon rounds up all of his friends and turn against him, so that the Moon will not delay in destroying mankind as we know it. Will the Engineer vanquish all evil and return the land to back the way it came, or will he fail unwillingly from the overpowering menaces that plague the atmosphere? It's up to YOU..................to find out.

- I started this in November, just finished today. Ain't that neat.
- Honestly I must say that Garry's Mod videos are becoming increasingly boring to make, so you may not see a lot more in the future. Maybe short little ones. Definitely I think this is my last 10+ minute Gmod video.
- First film to feature my little brother! Give him props, brah.
- All those amateur animations? Done by me. And those little sketches at the end, that you can barely see since Vegas won't let me do crisp HD renders anymore.

All in all, I like to thank all my fans who stuck around and waited for me on this film. Thanks ya'll, I'll be back soon enough.

P.S. A word to the tards: I'm not dead yet, so keep your pants on.
P. S. S. Rubberfruit was originally in the "beta" version of the intro, which involved him and I in a 3 second steam chat, but it was cut out due to a better idea as you could see.

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Leukemia has killed two of my favorite youtubers
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Daniel Water INC oh...
GFE fighter
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Pancakefatboy 669
"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." -Unknown R.I.P kitty. Even though you are gone, your videos will still continue to inspire people. We will all remember you, as a part of this great community. "A person does not truly die, until they are completely forgotten." -Me And you, sir, will live on forever. Even after the people of this generation all die, there will still be people, watching your videos. And because of that, you will truly, never die. R.I.P Kitty. We shall never forget.
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i'm 13 years old and
quoting yourself kkkkkkk
The Shining Steak
Thank you, you made my day
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Mr anonymous
Kitty0706 was killed by leukemia kitty0706 has respawned as class ANGEL
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Sir Squichee
Mr anonymous so many great youtubers get killed by leukemia. If every fan of kitty0706 and every fan of eddsworld donated a dollar to leukemia research, maybe we could make it stop taking our youtubers.
Pancake Steve
leukemia was killed by Kitty0706
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Can we please get him up to 500k subs, he deserved it
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Indeed he deserves more subs. I however and looking towards near future goal of 500k
Holy Hill
He deserved at least 1 million with his amazing animation, editing, and general hilarity.
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will dvsds
colin i will send my condolences to your kangaroo wife
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Jun Kazama
Vulpes Inculta Who Wouldn't?
Vulpes Inculta
would fuck
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This video made it into Video Game Guinness World Records 2017 for most watched TF2 machinima. Godspeed you magnificent goofball. Godspeed.
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Random Guy
Really!? That's cool, bro!
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This guy was one hell of a magificent creator. still running strong today a video making it in the guiness book of world records as the 6th most watched video in the world, Team Fabulous 2. Kitty0706 is a Garry's Mod animator who made people across youtube laugh at the comedic shinanigans his videos introduced. It proves his goal in life was completed. "to have a video that would go world wide". so on this very day, we see not just any person who has left behind a sorrow full of tears in his subscribers eyes, but seeing a laughter from everyone who has watched his videos full of laughter like elliot goes to school and Team Fabulous 2. You were good son. Real good. Maybe even the best. Rest In Peace Colin 1996-2014. You will be missed and known for this video and aknowledged as better than pewdiepie. Rest In Peace you magnificent goofball.
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Thing is this can be taken down and no one can appeal it. Just gone forever
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If only kitty was here to see all his fans.
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Bravery Soul lol
Bravery Soul
FreakZ Is always watching his fans
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Night Howl
This is and will forever be in my "watch later" list. I keep re-watching it...
nhg bg
not only you will rewatch it... ive watched it already like 30+ times and i still cry always at the end with that song R.I.P. colin
Lieutenant Stevie of the Leeble Republic Army
I hope they won't copyright this video like the "Eliot goes camping". Fuck Youtube, what the fuck is wrong with you? Can't you fucking let him rest in peace?|
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FD The Gaming Animator
pulse engine how do you know?
pulse engine
well dead people really dont care about their video getting copyrighted
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