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Published on Sep 8, 2011

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Gay Men can Donate Blood:

Schweddy Balls IceCream:

Ex Calls 65,000 Times;

Rachel Uchitel GLAD her Fiance Died:

Toddlers & Tiaras:

Rick Perry Defends Executions:

Cameron Todd Willingham:

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Tenshi Chan
I'm late to the party buuuttt... The thing with the toddler dressed up as Julia Roberts was bad, though there was one mom I found to be FAR, FAR worse.. Her daughter had a very evident MPD going on, swapping from Carly personality and name to Darla personality and name. And it didn't seem like a kid just having fun with "pretends". Carly was a shy toddler who hated pageants, make up, dresses and every thing else to do with that stupid show. Darla however, LOVED having her hair and make up done, and strutting on the cat walk.. Her mom kept encouraging it with stuff like "Is this Carly or Darla?? Better not be Carly or I'll take away your kitten!!!" And the kid's face would shift from tears to "glamour princess" and reply with "Nope, it's me, Darla. Carly's not here right now. It's Darla's time". IT WAS FREAKING CREEPY!!!
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Danielle Then
So this is going to be really f*** up, especially coming from me. For a lot of reasons. I once had a conversation with someone about these regulations in the United States to make it to where gay men cannot donate blood or plasma. The justification was a little bit more complicated than it is presented as being in this video. It wasn't just about gay people having HIV. It also has to do with a (in some cities) lifestyle that was associated with the gay community in a scientific way. Intervenious drug use was, at the time, statistically proven to be correlated with sexuality. Of course, this opens up Pandora's Box of biased science, which has obviously been a thing forever. This may seem like it's coming out of left field, but I do find it odd that it's still okay for insurance companies to charge more based on actuarial data by gender and race, but everyone is outraged about this? I am not playing the competition game in this regard. I am pointing it out because these rights are human. There are a lot of groups that are dealing with discrimination and it seems like one group is always at the forefront, when in fact we should be looking at systems of iniquity in a holistic way. I mean, even in the story, news sources indicate that you can only donate blood as a gay man if you haven't had sex in a specified time. Sure, baby steps or whatever people want to say that is, but really what it boils down to is little to no progress. Just a thought.
ross young
Thats not the English flag, thats the union jack. The English flag is white with a red cross.
Unguided Reaper
Those people killed by the death penalty were on death row for a reason. First it's called DEATH ROW not laughs and giggles row. Secondly when you end up on death row you obviously did some horrible shit to end up there and your life is forfeit.
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Ross O'Hara
Why did England get the British flag? WTF!
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Mirsad Kujovic
??? 1 call every 8 minutes? so she dont sleap or eat just dial? and why he didnt change number after like 1 or 2 days?
im2fuckinggood, k?
Thats not the england flag
My ex let me know she was breaking up with me by having me be the witness to her wedding. Beat that. 
Duke Figglesby
Philip, my hardcore biker uncle got bitten by a gay in the 80's and hasn't been the same since. Now he knits while he waits at the gas pump.
VtsRotmg G
I'm eating Ben and Jerry's rn. lol.
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