What if Police Threaten to Call in the Dogs?





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Published on Aug 11, 2010


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david case
Ive never understood the law with them "calling in the dogs" how can a dog give a signal you have anything illegal? can the pigs speak dog? It honesty makes no logical sense. If you don't incriminate yourself, be consistent with questioning detainment, or if you're free to go you can't lose. You can always fight it, just don't snitch yourself. 
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dog is not searching for drugs..he is "playing"..he is searching for his "toy" which when he was trained had all sort of "drug" smells on it so from the dog's point of view "smell of drugs" = toy = playtime = reward....
+david case Even if they call the dogs and find contraband your lawyer can challenge that and file Motion to Suppress because you never consented to any illegal searches and seizures. It doesn't matter if the dogs come or not, searching you without probable cause or you verbally refuse any illegal search and a officer conduct a search anyway is a violation of your 4th amendment right. If contraband or anything illegal is found shut your mouth "Right to Remain Silent" then request for a lawyer. "Only talk with your attorney about the encounter" Not under any circumstances do not speak to police trying to talk your way out of the encounter after you'll been arrested. Again only your lawyer can help you and will initiate from there.
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Brennan Stewart
that guy is a real lawer in Baltimore md he a top dollar attorney you might recognize him from the HBO series The Wire he was Clay Davis's attorney
nick shmoe
funny how most of the people in that room were black
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Eddie O
+Red Pillman how the fuck can u say a whole race of ppl dont know their rights pussy? I do not like ppl like u. Scared of "MAN" because he has a badge and a gun and actually admitted it to the whole world lol ... and "we was slaves" that's why ur country is turning into a police/nazi state and whitey is getting beat down with no marches or news coverage AWWWW :( Reap what you sow bitch.
+Red Pillman yes, we are definitely falling into a police state. it's frightening.
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what if they shoot 1st & ask questions later like they been doin lately🤔
remind of  time I jumped  border to get in US. cop said stop. I said eat my ass. he no like that. he hurt me bad. I sue. now I rich. he no job. I love US.
Sydney Pitts
Cop vs. Black guy.
The problem with this is alot of times theres no winning. You may have something you dont wanna see and although you werent doing anything wrong and the cop violated your rights because you had something lets say weed it doesnt matter you were guilty, he got lucky. Then if you are truly innocent it doesnt seem worth it because if a cop doesnt wanna let you go he wont let you go and although refusing a search doesnt make you guilty it makes you extremely suspicious. This results in you having to go thru the shit anyway and either having to deal with a now angered cop and having your time wasted, or by random chance them finding something that you had no clue was illegal to have or were unaware you had.
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david case
+cooljak30 it also can't be proven. anyone including cops can make assumptions
+josh han I have but if an officer says soemthing like they smelled weed you cant refute that. or if they get their dog to give a false positive.
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Paul Geyer
The hubris of the cop means he can not just let you go. Excessive lane change? Says who and what statute defines that? An easy case dismissed.
Etta Wing
Are you detaining me or am I free to go?
guys fuck all that listen if you get pulled over for dui never take a breath test and dont say a damn word. they will get pissed and bully you into trying to take one. If you have been stopped for a dui dont say a damn word not one because their going to arrest you anyways. You'll be out in a couple hours. You will lose your license for a year but they cannot convict you for a dui and you dont have to pay a shit load of fines with asap and a breathilizer which i think is against our rights btw. Just remain silent dont say how much you had or shit and if you get caught with weed the same dont say a fucking word because these criminal cops will use it against you and twist your words and lie to the prosecutor to make you look like a piece of shit. These cops are more than likely dumber than you and a lawyer. Remain silent and let your lawyer catch them lying and tripping up in court and get your dismissal. I know from experience and I failed when I talked and gave all my rights up thinking it will help me. Trust me it won't they will hammer you if you say anything. It makes it sooooo hard to build a case on 1 sides word of mouth. It takes two to tango.
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