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Published on Jan 7, 2013

This vid explores both sides of this complex issue in the form of a parody. Guns can get into the wrong hands too easily. The point is made with a darkly satirical exclamation mark. I mean no offense. I know there's a lot more to both sides of this issue- this is just a short satire.

I initially wanted to make a vid that looks more deeply (and equally) into both sides of this argument. Then, I came upon a muzzle flash VFX that I really wanted to try out, and as such thought about this ending. Switzerland, Chicago, Australia, the illegal arms trade, conceal & carry pros and cons, rhetoric, the element of surprise for perpetrators & defenders, cultural & social issues, gun addiction, gun indoctrination, guns already in circulation and much more weren't discussed as it was late and I decided to keep the vid short. In retrospect, I'd kinda like it if there was a longer, more heated argument exploring these aspects more. Having said that, I think this length works well.

I hope that proponents from each side of the debate can look at this issue soberly to find a sensible solution. There are interesting stats on both sides (not just in favor of gun ownership as often proliferated). Though, many of these stats are often taken out of context or lack comprehensive scenario-mapping.

While I know it's the psycho pulling the trigger that's the problem, not the gun itself, I do think that it is too easy for a psycho to get a killing machine (making the psycho infinitely more dangerous). Maybe psychos would think twice if more people were armed, maybe not?


Opposing Stats:

Pro-Gun Stats:



Debunking some of the other Pro-Gun Stats:

There are also more stats debunking gun control. It's hard to know exactly which stats to believe. Everyone is debunking everyone. While there are some scientific studies, I think a new one is needed. A closer, more sober study of supposed stats on both sides, put into a scientifically cleaner, less passionate context is certainly needed. Sloppy bias correlations seem to be abundantly misrepresented. Both sides of the debate need to calmly search for unchecked bias based on vested interest. Ultimately, everyone has the same goal, less unnecessary killing. Considering this, there is no need for the debate to reduce itself to such childish proportions. Both sides should ask: "What if I'm wrong?"

Famous Study Debunking Gun Control:

The following stats show less guns actually means less crime. This is what makes sense to me: http://www.juancole.com/2013/01/firea...)

More on Switzerland (often cited out of context): http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/12...

Regarding the 2nd Amendment & Tyranny

I understand self-defense against criminals, but not against a tyrannical government? While being armed was certainly needed to stand up to tyranny in the past, could one's private arms supply be any match against the enormous power of the American government were it deemed tyrannical? Wouldn't that only give such a tyrant better justification for lethal arrest? Aren't policies like the Patriot Act and the NDAA the real problems, rather than guns?

Gun Control Stats: http://guninformation.org/

There are virtually no guns here in Taiwan (unlike South Africa where I'm from) and I am WAY safer here- believe me. Though, there's certainly much more to it than just guns, gun availability is certainly a huge factor. It's much harder for criminals and average Joes alike to get guns here. Gang violence (as an example) is a lot less likely to amount to as many fatalities comparatively.

There are a lot of unsettled people in this unsettled world. Taiwan is no exception. If guns here were anywhere near to as prevalent as they are in the U.S., I have no doubt that there will be numerous horrific tragedies committed by such unsettled individuals. I am most grateful that there are so few guns here.

More stats: http://pearlyabraham.tripod.com/htmls...

Thanks to Yi Pin Lin for helping with the vid: http://www.youtube.com/user/yipingua?...

Muzzle-flash and Blood Splatter from http://footagecrate.com

Pistol Sound from http://www.freesfx.co.uk

Music created in Sonicfire: A New Era: In Darkness We Trust. Licensed to J. Davidson

The biggest part of me wishes that there were no guns (or violence) in the world, but I'm sure I'd wish I had a gun if attacked by one- or maybe not. Being armed could also make me more of a target.


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