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Published on Jun 4, 2017

Gymnastics and Parkour athletes always think they're better than each other, but who fails harder? Leave a comment below and let us know who you think. Have a fail of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com!!

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Gymnast Body Slams Mat https://youtu.be/gmek_IQT7Yw
Triple Fulltwist to Faceplant https://youtu.be/LIbjr1PNmEY
Tricking Flip Faceplant https://youtu.be/gmjaY_D5zQQ
Guy Quickly Flies off High Bar Spin https://youtu.be/NuMznB1bNrM
Guy Crashes into Snow Flipping off Graffiti Ledge https://youtu.be/p4oXHYIlqec
Parkour Training Ends in Faceplant during Frontflip https://youtu.be/F31AjIWv2kY
Backflip Mirror Smash https://youtu.be/UYDoF2ODvks
High Bar Triple Head Smack https://youtu.be/ZHzUlEbjfjY
Gymnast Falls off Balance Beam https://youtu.be/W82CPAwwqkQ
Gymnast Loses Grip of High Bar https://youtu.be/6hb0PhrE4bs
Gymnast Swings on High Bar and Falls https://youtu.be/Jwf7XK4_Xms
Tricking Double Backflip Fail https://youtu.be/FkoqPGv84rE
Bouncing Guy Faceplants Mat https://youtu.be/F-k96CHVaug
Guy Aerial Spins into Sand https://youtu.be/xtymDksIRm8
Freerunning Training Ends with Face to Wall https://youtu.be/2PYCzmjULvA
Guy Double Frontflips off Little House https://youtu.be/QVD1rOkBAnU
Backflipping Guy Puts Foot through Wall https://youtu.be/EHfR9FmF9Vk
Backflip between Pillars Ends in Faceplant https://youtu.be/zTKyFWCWQWc
Parkour Athlete Slips during Leap Attempt https://youtu.be/rMnWllAQkMk
Parkour Frontflip off Mossy Ledge https://youtu.be/90bzXarB8fw
Guy Faceplants after Front Flip https://youtu.be/JZKlAq1iCFU
Guy Attempts Backflip off Planter Ledge https://youtu.be/tWC8SCvBErY
Kid Faceplants after Attempting a 180° Backflip off a Tree https://youtu.be/97XlKDC0wxA
Guy Smacks Face on Knee after Ledge Jump https://youtu.be/tr53aUAUEgU
Wannabe Thug Jumps off Roof and Fails https://youtu.be/DRjNVg6J8xc
Parkour Guy Hops on Pillars and Lands on Butt https://youtu.be/1z0H0FMBj-E
Guy Fails at Leap over Barrier on Stage https://youtu.be/DACRZDfNkqw
Shirtless Gymnast Falls on Bars https://youtu.be/ccbv6TQ_fzQ
Guy Flies off High Bar https://youtu.be/-xQZ4GT2Jtg
Gymnast Falls from Bar Switch https://youtu.be/5RULFbHNAFQ
Double Backflip on Mat Fail https://youtu.be/nnxDUulv7-8
Kid Falls off Pommel Horse https://youtu.be/WsJZzWQePn4
Gymnast Loses His Grip on High Bar https://youtu.be/vJqWR1ywZas
Girl Smashes down on High Bar during Gymnastics Practice https://youtu.be/g513b9g9VgA
Gymnast Falls on Parallel Bars https://youtu.be/P8ZmfeO5d4g
Crazy Gymnastics Flip Fail To Brutal Head Slam https://youtu.be/9YI8h_ujsKk
Cheerleader Faceplants while Recording College Recruit Video https://youtu.be/poC3sTOz9Zc
High Bar Olympics Training Fail https://youtu.be/sQIt3En1tAI
Boy Fails at Gymnastics Stunts on Mat https://youtu.be/muXIKdJJWyw
Swing Set Parkour Gymnastics Fail https://youtu.be/cvLYkIKd4tA
Gymnastics Triple Full Twist Fail https://youtu.be/yLuGQuEOKbY
Gymnastics Girl Crashes down on High Bar https://youtu.be/Q83Eg9lxLvw
Parkour Rooftop Faceplant https://youtu.be/ROmWrmtZR5k
Double Side Flip off Ledge Ends Badly https://youtu.be/9WbSEz8xrcg
Parkour Stair Jump Hip Break https://youtu.be/phpq6TqsAfc
Front Flip Off Park Sign Fail
Guy Lands Jump to Roof in Nutshot https://youtu.be/yuucbeVpx34
Kid Tries to Jump on Top of Dumpster https://youtu.be/1Smm5U8zxGY
Guy Tries to Jump onto Roof of Moving Car https://youtu.be/ptlAG3dE1gg
Parkour Wall Flip Lands Guy in Water https://youtu.be/PSgZhTEMlqw
Parkour Freerunner Smashes His Butt https://youtu.be/lJUhs-r1nfE
Parkour Guy Falls on Butt after Curb Jump https://youtu.be/Gv7tc-E42Tc
Parkour Fence Break https://youtu.be/wvHC4sy3EO0
Guy Falls While Attempting Parkour Jump over Brick Stairs https://youtu.be/Y79lCApYiJM


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