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Published on Dec 13, 2013

And so we arrive at the end of our modern beat 'em up journey. Our sheriff's knuckles bruised and beaten, his arms are weary from picking up furniture and throwing it around, and his body is bruised from barbaric beatings. Yes, this is the last level of Saloon Brawler 2. And as the last level of a brawling beat 'em up, the game finishes true to form with a straight, no-holds-barred, no frills, brawl.

The first level of the series had our punch-happy sheriff taking out the trash of town in front of a saloon. The next had him going on over to the jail to beat up some rowdy inmates. The next had him trekking back to the saloon where he protected a poor old piano player from the punches of a plethora of plucky brawlers. After that, it was off to the American Civil war against two armies filled with nothing but sergeants. Then it was off to a daring night time brawl against both cowboys and indians. And most recently, defending a duo of darling damsels in distress from the dastardly doings of dirty dastards. And that brings us here to the final level.

Despite the game being called Saloon Brawl, the last level does not in fact have a brawl within a saloon. The previous level did, but this one has our sheriff at the entrance to a mineshaft where he takes on pretty much all the types of baddies he had punched into submission in previous levels. It's a straight fight, no one to take care of, no special aspects of the landscape, just a straight brawl. And as can be expected of the final level of a beat 'em up, this level is perhaps one of the toughest. There are far more baddies than before, and they all hit hard, so be careful with your health meter. Blocking is a good way to prevent some damage, but for the most part you're just going to want to get in and beat everyone unconscious. Luckily, to help with that unconscious-ifying of bad guys, there are similarly many throwables around, so you can pick things up as you will and smash the bad guys into submission. Alternatively, you could just pick up a bad guy and use him as a throwable thus cutting out the middleman.

The only surprise in this level is a boss character. He's big, he's ugly, and he wears a top hat. Ok, the top hat is perhaps a bit dapper, but other than that, he's a dangerous brute. He hits hard, and for a big guy, he moves fairly fast. Most dangerous though is his two handed, double-fist smash which can take a big chunk out of your energy. It'll also knock you down, costing you previous time. For the most part, you'll want to beat up on smaller guys until you've charged your attacks, and then go all-out and shoryuken the big guy into submission. Or, you could go the route mentioned above and just keep throwing things at him, it's your choice.

That's all folks, and thanks for watching with us!


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