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Published on Apr 29, 2011

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Use this walkthrough of Origin: The Story Begins in Outland to begin your journey to harness the lost powers of the ancients, bring stability to the world, and stop the forces seeking to destroy it. Here you'll learn the basics of movement and combat, but there will still be much to learn, starting with the next level, Rites of Passage.

When you gain control, drop down from
the mystic seer's treetop abode, and move to the right. Follow the
prompts on the bottom of the screen to learn the basics of movement:
A is jump, which you can do twice when near an obstacle to wall-jump
from it. You can also haul yourself up when you land on the edge of a
platform. Head forward, avoiding the spikes in your path. Jump to the
slender platform ahead to gather in your first Mark of the Gods,
hidden collectibles scattered throughout the game. Then keep running
and jumping your way forward.

Watch out for the blue energy font not
far ahead. Time its drops, and run through when it's safe. Just after
wall-jumping up a few gaps, use the ladders ahead to move toward the
ground. If you can make the tricky jump from the ledge here to the
ladder high up on the right, you'll find another Mark. Below, avoid
another energy font, and hit your first checkpoint before proceeding
to the left.

Just beyond, you'll encounter a Guiding
Light, which will flutter off, guiding you forward. Watch out for
more energy fonts just ahead. Stand on the green switch in the ground
between two of them, then turn and backtrack, to the newly opened
gate near the checkpoint. Carry on, following the Light—don't
worry, it will stop and wait for you if you fall behind—until you
come to a temple, which will grant you the ability to perform melee
attacks, using the X button.

Now continue following the Light, using
your new ability to slash through thick foliage and defeat enemies.
Beware of the giant spiders ahead. Slash them a few times to kill
them, and gather up the goodies they drop. When they rear back to
attack, back off or jump, then move in an finish them off. Watch out
for the one hiding just beyond the large energy font ahead. Move
forward to trigger it, then back off, and deal with the spider
without the energy's hindrance. Follow the Light back toward an area
you went through earlier, and use your slashing abilities to get
through the barrier on the lower right. Gather up the many items in
the destructible structure, then move on, through the gate that ends
the level.

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