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Published on May 30, 2012

Here is part 2...I really hope you guys are enjoying the stories so far, even though I'm still on the first episode. I NEED HELP!! What should the story be titled? I can't think of one, even though in thought, I've only put in 5 minutes worth thinking into it. ;) Enjoy!
Emily Hemphill
Kelly Waneright
One Direction

As soon as we finished breakfast, we walked out the door and into the foggy morning air. Bus #328 pulled up just as I walked onto the concrete where everybody in the neighborhood waited. I breathed an air of relief. We hadn't missed the bus after all. Bus # 56 pulled in right behind. Everyone started forward, and Sara and I parted. Before we left, though, we always gave each other a big hug and reminded each other not to get into fights, do well on the test, or whatever.
"Have fun with your field day," I told her. Sara looked at me and said, "Have fun on your trip to Los Angeles." She had tears in her eyes. I wasn't coming back on the bus today, and I wasn't coming back home until Friday. Today is Monday. Poor Sara would have to walk up our big hill by herself. Kelly said she wanted to really take in California. I hugged her a little tighter and told her, "Wipe those tears away, Sara. I'll see you soon...and here." I pulled out a box from Verizon Wireless. Sara gasped. "AAAAAHHHHH!!!" She screamed. I smiled. Exactly how Kelly and I are going to act at the One Direction concert. "You got me a phone!!?!?!" I nodded. "It's active, don't take it out until AFTER school, got that? You can text me, just not too much. It took me a while to convince Mom and Dad, and we are sharing text, so don't text anyone but me, and me only, okay?" Sara nodded. I knew I could trust her, she was very responsible. Sometimes more responsible than me, or my parents.
I climbed on the bus and gave her a wave good-bye. She was still teary eyed, but no tears rolled down her cheeks when I stepped onto the bus. I found Kelly sitting behind the driver, mad. "What's wrong?" I asked, sitting down next to her. "You didn't get in trouble did you?" In case, I leaned over the side when everyone had passed and asked the driver, "She didn't get in trouble did she?" The driver shook her head no, and closed the door. "What's wrong?" I asked again. Kelly pouted. "Since my car is in Vegas, I have to ride the bus. Boo." I laughed. Kelly always drove to school, she offered me rides hundreds of times, but I always refused. I don't like to show up the other kids, neither did Kelly, but she didn't know hundreds of other people stare at her BMW.
"Come on," I said, grabbing her hand. "Let's go to the back before the driver starts driving." I pulled her up, and dragged her toward the back. As we passed there were shouts to Kelly, "Where's your car Kelly?" No one said it like they were jealous, they genuinely cared. This made Kelly's frown, however, deepen. I sat her down in an empty seat. "Look," I said gently. "Let's look at the upside of things. Sure, you don't have a car, but where is it?" Kelly looked up.
"In Vegas." She said sadly and pouted. I ignored it.
"And why is it in Vegas?" I asked.
"So we can drive to LA."
Kelly sounded more confident and cheerful now. "So we can go see One Direction!" She yelled, bouncing up. The bus grew hushed.
"WAHHH????" this one girl a year older than us, jumped up and leaned over her seat. "You have tickets to One Direction!?" She looked at us, expectantly, as if she was expecting we hand over her ticket. Sheila Miarrs, a girl I knew, expected everything. My eyes hardened. I didn't like her. "Look," I said very slowly, as if she was hard of hearing and unable to comprehend things as quick. "We...do...NOT...did you hear me? I said not...have...an...extra...ticket." She glared back and sat back down. I looked at Kelly, who once again, was smiling. "I can't wait!" She said.

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