Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!

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Gepubliceerd op 8 dec. 2007


- 256 kbps MP3 (Original) [4.0 MB]:

- 320 kbps MP3 (Extended) [4.2 MB]:

- IT tracker file (Extended) [638 KB]:

- StepMania simfile (Extended), thanks to Ashpotter [4.3 MB]:

- The version of ModPlug Tracker which I used isn't available anymore, but it's become OpenMPT, an open-source version that's even more advanced, which you can download from here:

- A guide for getting started with ModPlug Tracker (not made by me):

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EDIT 3: Just to try to avoid me having to reply to every other comment which says that it must have taken me ages to make, or that I must've been bored:
This was just a way for me to pass a few hours of boredom. Yes, I WAS bored. No, I'm not trying to "prove" anything - that this is what I'm "capable of". I just thought I'd upload my music as a video here, to YouTube. I'm not the one who spread it around to Digg or random blogs, - I uploaded it here at YouTube some time back in December 2007 and it has only just "taken off", after all.

EDIT 2: I'm making the IT file be available now too, don't really mind any more. I guess I'm too busy working on new things (not mod music) to worry about the 'old' ones. :P

EDIT 1: There's an extended version! (I might've gone a little over-the-top at the end...)

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Original description:

A piece of music I made using some of the various sounds Windows XP and 98 come with.
The music is about 1:31 long. After that, I show the sounds which were used.
The video is screen-captured from ModPlug Tracker, the program which I made the music on.

Windows XPと98で来る様々な音を使用されることで、俺が作った音楽。
ビデオの中にはModPlug Tracker、俺が音楽を作ったプログラム。


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