Laser Targeting UAV, Evidence of Military Technology on 9/11 (original)





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Uploaded on Apr 15, 2008

Thanks for all of the comments and research assistance in the past several months since I first uploaded a raw version of this evidence. I hope this is presented in a way that creates more understanding in what occurred at the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Please rate, leave your comments and pass this on to everyone!

Also now on Google Video:

Here is a very interesting link I found pertaining to remote control aircraft and military drones:


Added July 25, 2008 -Reply to FAQs:

The laser movement was one item that confused me for awhile as I do know that LDs are typically stationary. It wasn't until I found the UAV moving at high speeds that it made sense. Also finding the reflections from above (in the smoke) and on the FNM building exposed the angle and approach of the source (the airborne platform). Observing the flight path and timing of the UAV makes this more clear. Had the UAV been following (behind) the Boeing it (the Laser signature) would have been stationary.

Here is where I have to insert my own theory: the UAV was off of the intended flight path and approached from the SW instead of S as the Boeing traveled. It may have been late to the target and in order to catch up, it cut the angle and projected the laser just moments before impact. Also, this UAV drone likely equipped with a Williams Research turbine jet has a max speed of approx 250mph and the Boeing was traveling at least twice that fast. Because of the laser appearing on the building in the foreground (appears to be next to towers) I have estimated that the UAV must be at a much higher altitude and actually out over the bay at the time of the targeting operation.

As you can see in the video, the moment sensors on the Boeing pick up the laser, the remote controlled plane banks to port (left) and hits just below the laser. The plane appeared to be slightly off course as well. Had the laser been done correctly and timely, the plane would have had more time to correct and would have hit the target on center just like the N Tower job.

This would explain both the moving laser AND why the plane suddenly turned. Had a human pilot been on the plane, there would have been no way at those speeds to detect and correct an off-target approach. The maneuver was entirely mechanical.

You may find it interesting that I give credit to Killtown for helping me find the reflections of the laser. He did a "hit piece" video to show the reflection (paper) on the FNM building. Seeing this I postulated that there may be another reflection in the smoke and I knew where to look now (45 degrees up and to the left). I looked closely and viola! There it was! Perfect timing and brilliance. It all came together.
This confirmed for me at least that all of these associated pieces meant that the plane was real, remote controlled and laser guided.

Here is another FAQ "what happened to the passengers?"
Reposted here:
And here:
Video links:

More analysis of the "dot" by "ABC1416" here (thanks for the lead SpudXXXX!):

One other FAQ:
"why does the laser appear to 'go through' the tower? It couldn't possibly be a reflection!",
and response:
I made the same mistake at first!
You are seeing an optical 2D illusion that makes it appear to "go through" the building. First thing I had to do was to identify that green top building. I looked long and hard on Google Earth for that building and discovered the "Federal National Memorial Building". Turns out it is about six blocks away to the SE. You are actually seeing the reflection off the south side of the south tower to the west side of the FNMB. Most people confuse this building with the Woolworth Building, but upon closer inspection you can see the differences. That is why I point out the two in the video. Pay close attention to the annotations.

Explanation of Laser Designation:

Northwoods Document:
"drone (unmanned)" on pg 8 (3/b). Page 9 section 6, "military drone aircraft" and "modifying an aircraft" to appear as a Cuban Mig. Page 10 section 8 describes how a "passenger" plane would be disguised and shot down with a fake passenger list.
Also on page 8, section 2/a/11 "mock victims". More about fake passengers...

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