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    Footage of Sandy Hook shooting scene released by Police

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    Sandy Hook mother stands in for Obama: Heart-wrenching plea on gun laws

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    Connecticut Shooting: More details on gunman Adam Lanza revealed

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    Connecticut shootings: Rise in demand for body armour for children

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    Newtown survivor's story: Man finds six schoolchildren on doorstep

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    Connecticut shooting: Demonstration for stricter gun laws in Washington DC

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    Candlelight vigil for Newtown massacre victims

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    CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Police warn against false reporting

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    CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: President Obama attends Newtown vigil

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    CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Teacher Victoria Soto hailed a hero

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    CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Police audio reveals deadly rampage

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    CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Father of child victim Emelie Parker pays emotional tribute to his daughter

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    Connecticut shooting: Newtown police radio

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    Shootings update: Police say gunman Adam Lanza forced his way into school

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    Connecticut shootings: Governor Daniel Malloy's emotional address at vigil

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    Connecticut shooting sparks renewed debate over gun control

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    Connecticut residents shocked by deadly Newtown shootings

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    Connecticut shooting: Survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting react

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    Connecticut shootings move US President Barack Obama to tears

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    Connecticut shooting: Police release new information

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    Connecticut school shooting: Eyewitnesses describe incident