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Published on Jul 18, 2012

James O'Keefe and his fraudsters launched an attack at unions for supporting a faux make-work scheme. The only problem? He deceptively edited his video to stretch the truth. As he always does. Here's what we found.

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Don't you love engaging these morons? I love how they are trying to say the acorn vids were all fake. Just a big Hoax. LOL. Yeah. Acorn is out of business and O'keefe is still kicking ass. Only cost 100K too. Priceless. I think it's hilarious these tweaks think the least credible source in media history ,(media matters and MSNBGay) are truth tellers. Hilarious and Scary at the same time.
JRCKFSH The fact that they're out of business proves that he was right? No, it proves that people believed the story enough to pull away finance. It's like how Bill O Reilly got fired from Fox News. Not because he was actually a rapist, but because advertisers were pulling out because of him. Not really sure how you can compare a non profit organisation to a corporate outlet like MSNBC but whatever
Leo Batfish
thank you for the cut out material it just proves O'Keeffe was right and you people fucking idiot criminal assholes
Vash Lash
Leo Batfish Just look at who funds media matters
you wait 5 months to post lying Bull Shit? The DOW just hit 14,000, GDP's up, unemployment is falling, all media is corporately owned/operated so your batshitcrazy cries of "Socialism" are nonsense. Define Socialism. You can't because you're trying to use it as a pejorative, instead of saying what you'd really like to say. That makes you a coward. You addressed nothing from my post above. You're white noise
Vash Lash
Bolgernow yeah pouring trillions into the stock market and it ironically improves at the moment? Look at total employment. 100 million plus people are now out of work. The economy isn't improving. I assume you get your statistics from the Obama administration.
Shawn Redshaw
I dont see how even Steven Spielberg could edit that bullshit to make the Unions look like they supported that scheme, let alone a circus clown hack like James O'Queef.   Seemed like the entire segment was the Union guys trying to figure out what the fuck he was talking about.  They couldnt have been more bewildered if the fraudsters literally pulled a unicorn out of their ass.
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Vash Lash
Shawn Redshaw so no?......You aren't willing to watch his new videos that clearly demonstrate Illegal activity within the DNC? Just poss remarks.
Shawn Redshaw
In order to hold onto my last shred of faith in humanity, I try not to think about who stupid people are to buy into Queef...much less in what abundance that they do.   I'm not sure how many of his videos I could watch before stabbing myself in the eyes!
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Hilarious how inept these guys are. They hadn't even thought through their story before they went in there and they are struggling to answer technical professional questions by skilled, experienced workers. They probably left and those guys were like "what the hell were they talking about?"
Revolutionary Socialist Media
I wish the media was more socialist. Unfortunate the US media is owned by three major capitalist news empires: - News Corporation - Disney Company - Time Warner Those three own the major television networks. I don't think that Fox News is a socialist network. Even liberal networks like MSNBC are pro-capitalist, because liberalism is a capitalist ideology. I wish there was a huge socialist media network. Unfortunate you need millions of dollars and socialists don't have that money!
Vincent Jones
JRCKFSH the sad fact is that acorn is still in business and last I heard Obammmer is funding again (they only dropped the name acorn and still in business). In fact we have one of their offices in my town of Tucson. Don't give up all hope though, it looks like we will be going into another energy boom with the private oil industry. This at least will help keep us from national bankruptcy but may also enrich Obammer (he will take his pound through corrupt regs and skimming). Fight on JRCKFSH!! 
God you're dumb.
Vincent Jones
Bolgernow, mindless drones like you are what has put a anti USA government in place, nice work! If you don't know that 7/8 of the media is working for socialist causes, then you are ill informed and part of the downfall of this country. I would hate to be in your shoes years from now, if you ever realize what you and your Obammer drones have done to this country! But then you probably never will!? 
Vincent Jones
Then watch the whole video dumb ass. It can be viewed in full at O'Keefe's web. Just because some Soros run website says it was edited, so what? The contents of the full length does not change anything about the results obtained. Do a little research on non-Soros run websites and you will find that acorn is a crooked opperation that is still being funded by Obammer (under different names). Better yet, find out who Soros is (he funds this website) and you will see he is a snake.
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