Canción de los Partisanos/as (versión en español)





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Published on Apr 20, 2008

USSR liberated Europe from Nazism!!



"USSR Liberated Europe
from Nazism Despite Stalin:

The Stalinist misleadership seriously endangered the Soviet Union during World War II. Soviet Russia was Hitler's main target and the Nazis almost succeeded in destroying it due to the sabotage of the Stalinist bureaucracy. Stalin's regime had been consolidated by bloody purges in the 1930s in which many of the Red Army's best officers were murdered, including Marshal Tukhachevsky, one of the most brilliant marshals* in the civil war of 1918-21. Stalin trusted the paper promises of his 1939 pact with Hitler. He ignored all warnings from Soviet spies of the coming Nazi invasion and even when it was clearly imminent he ordered the Soviet armed forces not to actively prepare for defence. But it was the Soviet Union, despite Stalin, that took on the vast majority of the Nazi war machine, smashed it and liberated Europe from fascist enslavement.

Up until the last year of the war in Europe, nearly 95 per cent of all German troops were engaged against the Soviet forces. By the time the Allied imperialists launched D-Day, the guts of the German army had already been destroyed, especially in the decisive battles of Stalingrad and Kursk in 1943. A truly remarkable example of the Soviet peoples' endurance and heroism was the 900-day siege of Leningrad, where the city's population was mobilised in a fight to the death to defend the city from the Nazis. Over 800,000 citizens died. For example, when a giant armaments factory was attacked by German artillery, the workers formed a battalion and went to the front.

In fact the D-Day "second front" was not motivated by finishing Hitler off, but by saving European capitalism from the Soviet Union. The policy of the imperialist "democracies" was to let the USSR, the real arch-enemy of the imperialists, go it alone against German imperialism so they would destroy each other. Only when it was clear that the Soviets were going to win the war did the Western Allies launch D-Day in fear of Europe succumbing to Soviet dominance. Around 28 million Soviet citizens sacrificed their lives in defending the world's first workers state and liberating Europe from Nazism. It was testimony to the superiority of a collectivised, planned economy and the fact that the Soviet working peoples saw they had revolutionary gains to defend that the USSR had the resources and the will to defeat the powerful and barbaric Nazi war machine."

"Por montañas y praderas
avanza la división,
al asalto va a tomarse
la enemiga posición.

Rojo el bosque de banderas
en la marcha rumbo al sur:
son los obreros en armas,
partisanos del amor.

La gloria de esos combates
no se apagará jamás.
¡Adelante camaradas
los echaremos al mar!

Quedará en la leyenda
de esta guerra, este volcán,
los días de Balachaied,
los soldados del soviet.

Se acabaron lo bandidos,
se acabó la intervención,
nuestra marcha ha terminado
¡viva la revolución!"
('Por montañas y praderas', Quilapayún)


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