1. Interview with NASA Launch Manager

  2. OCO-2 Satellite Separation

  3. Liftoff of OCO-2

  4. OCO-2 & Delta II Ready for Launch

  5. NASA OCO-2 Countdown Underway at Vandenberg AFB

  6. OCO-2 Launch Postponed

  7. OCO-2 Countdown Underway

  8. Launch Pad Gantry Rolls back for OCO-2 Launch

  9. OCO-2 to Shed Light on Global Carbon Cycle

  10. OCO-2 and Delta II Prepared for Launch

  11. NASA EDGE: Launching CUNYSAT-1

  12. Telemetry Solution Preserves TDRS-L Launch

  13. Kennedy NOW! January 2014

  14. NASA Launch Director Comments on TDRS-L Liftoff

  15. TDRS-L Spacecraft Separation

  16. TDRS-L Ready for Launch

  17. Liftoff of TDRS-L

  18. TDRS-L Countdown Underway

  19. TDRS-L Rolls to the Launch Pad

  20. TDRS-L Prepares to Take Its Place in NASA Constellation

  21. TDRS-L and Atlas V Readied for Liftoff

  22. Kennedy Now! December 2013

  23. NASA Administrator Congratulates MAVEN Launch Team

  24. NASA Manager Discusses MAVEN Launch

  25. MAVEN Separates from Centaur Upper Stage

  26. Liftoff of MAVEN

  27. MAVEN Ready for Launch

  28. The MAVEN Countdown is Underway

  29. MAVEN Rolls to the Launch Pad

  30. MAVEN Processing in Minutes

  31. MAVEN to Explore Upper Atmosphere of Mars

  32. NASA's MAVEN Prepared for Trip to Mars

  33. Kennedy NOW! August 2013

  34. NASA EDGE: CubeSat Workshop

  35. [Private Video]

  36. Kennedy Now! June 2013

  37. Launch Manager Discusses Launch

  38. Pegasus Carrying IRIS is Launched

  39. IRIS and Pegasus Prepared for Launch

  40. IRIS Separates and Deploys Array

  41. Launch Managers Verify IRIS is Ready to Launch

  42. Stargazer Airborne

  43. Welcome to IRIS Launch Coverage

  44. IRIS Aims to Answer Solar Questions

  45. CubeSat Demo Flight Tests Technologies

  46. CubeSats, Launcher to Test Satellite Innovations

  47. NASA EDGE CubeSat Launch Initiative

  48. Recap of a Successful Launch

  49. LDCM in Space

  50. Liftoff Atlas V

  51. Ready for Launch

  52. Atlas V and LDCM are Readied for Launch

  53. Countdown to LDCM Launch

  54. LDCM: A New Era in Earth Observation

  55. LDCM: A New Era in Earth Observation

  56. TDRS-K in Orbit

  57. Interview with NASA Launch Manager Tim Dunn

  58. Close-up Views of TDRS-K Launch

  59. Liftoff for TDRS-K

  60. Atlas V is "Go" for Launch

  61. Atlas V/TDRS-K Launch Countdown

  62. TDRS-K Ready for Flight

  63. TDRS-K Simulated Launch Day

  64. TDRS-K to Add to Vital Space Network

  65. NASA Launch Manager on RBSP Success

  66. RBSP Twin Probes Reach Space

  67. Launch Team Gives "Go" to RBSP

  68. Launch of RBSP

  69. RBSP Launch Coverage Begins

  70. RBSP Second Launch Attempt Scrubbed for Weather

  71. RBSP Launch Attempt Scrubbed

  72. RBSP: Studying the Sun's Influence on Earth

  73. RBSP: Ready For Launch

  74. NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Final Countdown to Launch

  75. NuSTAR Transport and Mate in Time-lapse

  76. NuSTAR Arrives at Kwajalein

  77. NuSTAR Spacecraft and Vehicle Flow

  78. NuSTAR Launch Highlights

  79. NuSTAR Launch Coverage: Tim Dunn Post Launch Interview

  80. Launch of NuSTAR

  81. NuSTAR Webcast

  82. Educational Launch of Nanosatellites

  83. MSL: Interview with Launch Manager Omar Baez

  84. MSL Spacecraft Mars Bound

  85. Mars Science Laboratory Launch

  86. MSL "Go" for Launch Poll

  87. MSL Launch Day Intro

  88. In Their Own Words: MSL Launch Director Omar Baez

  89. MSL Spacecraft and Vehicle Flow

  90. Mars Science Laboratory Webcast

  91. Mars Science Laboratory Moves to Pad 41

  92. NPP Interview: Garrett Skrobot

  93. NPP Post-Launch Interview with Tim Dunn

  94. NPP Spacecraft Separation

  95. NPP Launch Poll

  96. NPP Launch

  97. NPP Vehicle Flow With Bruce Reid

  98. NPP Launch: Intro to Coverage

  99. NPP Mission Overview

  100. Post Launch Interview WIth Launch Director Tim Dunn

  101. GRAIL Spacecraft Separation

  102. GRAIL Launch

  103. Grail "Go" for Launch Poll

  104. GRAIL Launch Coverage Begins

  105. GRAIL Launch Scrub

  106. GRAIL Webcast: Twin Spacecraft Bound for the Moon

  107. GRAIL Spacecraft and Vehicle Flow

  108. Juno Launch Coverage: Interview with Launch Director

  109. Juno Spacecraft Separation

  110. Juno "Go" for Launch Poll

  111. Launch of Juno!

  112. Juno Launch: Introduction

  113. Juno Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Readied for Launch

  114. Juno Mission Overview

  115. Aquarius Tower Rollback

  116. Aquarius Spacecraft and Vehicle Flow

  117. Aquarius Launch Coverage: Spacecraft Separation

  118. Aquarius Launch Coverage: Launch Recap Commentary

  119. Launch Readiness Poll for the launch of Aquarius

  120. Launch of Aquarius!

  121. Aquarius Launch: Intro to live coverage

  122. NASA's Aquarius Mission Special Feature

  123. LSP Earth's Bridge to Space

  124. Glory Mishap Explanation

  125. Launch of Glory

  126. NASA Glory Launch: Introduction to Commentary

  127. NASA Glory Vehicle and Spacecraft Flow

  128. Glory Launch Coverage: Scrub Discussion

  129. Glory Final Launch Readiness Poll

  130. Glory Launch Coverage Begins

  131. NASA's Launch Services Program Mission: Glory

  132. NASA STEREO Launch

  133. NASA THEMIS Launch

  134. NASA's AIM Launch

  135. Preparing Dawn for Launch

  136. Mars Phoenix Launch

  137. Delta II History

  138. Dawn Launch

  139. Why do we send anything into space?

  140. Phoenix Webcast

  141. GLAST Webcast

  142. GLAST Launch

  143. OSTM/Jason-2 Launch

  144. OSTM/Jason-2 Mission Webcast

  145. OSTM/Jason-2 Spacecraft Separation

  146. Go For Launch!

  147. IBEX Launch

  148. NOAA-N Prime Journey to Launch

  149. Kepler Mission Webcast

  150. Kepler Lifts Off on Planet Finding Mission

  151. GOES-P Launch

  152. SDO Launch Manager Final Launch Readiness Poll

  153. SDO Post Launch comments with Omar Baez

  154. SDO Spacecraft Separation

  155. SDO Launch

  156. Introduction to SDO Launch Commentary

  157. SDO Webcast

  158. SDO Spacecraft and Vehicle Flow

  159. Into The Clean Room

  160. WISE Vehicle and Spacecraft Flow

  161. WISE Launch

  162. WISE Webcast

  163. STSS-Demo Launch

  164. NASA's NOAA-N Prime Satellite Launch

  165. GOES-O Weather Satellite Launches

  166. LRO/LCROSS Preparing for Liftoff

  167. LRO/LCROSS Launch

  168. LRO-LCROSS Webcast Part 2 of 2

  169. LRO-LCROSS Webcast Part 1 of 2