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Published on Mar 29, 2011

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Chapters 1-4:

Chapters 5-8:

Chapters 9-12:

Chapters 13-15:

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It's not really a condition of the run, but there won't be any ammo/Med Pack purchases here, either.

I'm sure everyone knows by now what Hard Core mode is all about; but, just in case, I'll go ahead and briefly discuss it:

Hard Core mode removes all checkpoints from the game, and only allows you to save a total of 3 times (none of the save stations are removed; when you activate a save station, you're shown how many saves you have left and are asked to confirm if you want to save there or not). If you die, you're sent back to your last save (or the beginning of the game, if you haven't saved yet). Xbox 360 players also get a free checkpoint at the disk swap until they turn their system off.

As far as difficulty is concerned; you get the same amount of ammo per drop as you would on Zealot, but the enemies are Survivalist-level (note that, much like Hard/Impossible mode in the first game, the only difference between Survivalist and Zealot enemies is the damage they dish out; enemies have the same level of durability on Survivalist and Zealot). While enemies don't hit quite as hard as they do on Zealot, you don't have the luxury of simply restarting from the last checkpoint if you do get hit, so there's less margin for error.

Also, you cannot start a New Game+ on Hard Core.

I decided I would upload this run in 4-chapter-long chunks (with the last chunk being 3 chapters, obviously), aligned with my intended saves (5, 9, and 13).

Please note that my save locations are chosen for convenience and are not necessarily intended to be taken as recommendations on possible Hard Core saves (though they're not too far off from the ones I personally prefer to use). There is no absolute "best" set of save spots; it's all based on what you're comfortable with, and which parts you have the most trouble with.

The main commonly-recommended save spots I've seen are:

- Chapter 5: pretty much anywhere, due to multiple instant-kill hazards/sequences
- Chapter 6: before the first encounter (the Lurker/Pregnant-filled room)
- Chapter 7: before the Tripod elevator sequence, or the dive sequence following the alignment of the solar arrays
- Chapter 8: before the processing section, which is filled with instant-kill hazards
- Chapter 9: before the large Stalker room, or before the Tripod nest
- Chapter 10: before the decontamination room
- Chapter 12: before the drill ride sequence
- Chapter 13: near the beginning of the Chapter, or before the "needle" sequence


Game: Dead Space 2 (PS3 Version)
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc. -

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