Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient False Cross Complaint NYPD Fixed!





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Published on Oct 4, 2012

PLEASE HELP this YouTube go viral, shame Dr. Andrew Fagelman, Delita Hooks, NYPD, Internal Affairs, DA fixed violent crime 155 Spring St. Most savage repeatedly violation of Patient Rights and a patient's body not fired or arrested by a receptionist/office mgr vid goes black when she does a running punch to my eye making a hole in my retina https://www.scribd.com/doc/173385168/... READ DELITA HOOKS FALSE cross complaint filed 48 hrs after me just got it Sept. 28,2013. Paid $15 filled out form to get it -- see paragraph at bottom watch video. Letter to Eric Holder
https://www.scribd.com/doc/155408389/... FYI "Delite" not fired or arrested! Delita made a hole in retina running punch to my eye & I may need 2nd surgery far more serious. I also have damage to my cervical spine.
A medical office is suppose to be a safe place.

Dee is Jodi Arias of medical reception desks; a violent liar got away w/ everything except murder/ There is no reason to hit a patient ever! She yelled at me I had no rights but she is the one who had no right to repeateldy violate patient rights & my body. Det Vergona COERCED me to drop charges! That is a crime too! "Dee" filed a false cross complaint also a crime!

I held 2 bags, my iphone, my arm numb 2 injections part of medical procedure as this crazy violent liar attacked me treating me like her personal pinata. "Dee" could have closed the door not that she should have gotten between me in the door to give me the finger; Delita Hooks is a bully & liar. She came out from behind a long closed off receptionist desk which she sits at the very front to begin violating my patient rights.

Dr Fagelman did not fire her who 1st verbally assaulted me standing up yelling at me from behind reception menaced me coming out behind the long closed off desk following, got between me and the exit to violently give me the finger forcing me to walk by her as I exited! I wasn't the1st to feel upset with treatment; read Yelp reviews.

She provoked me giving me the finger again to document her rude, violent, unprofessional abuses; she was, still is clueless she did anything wrong! First I tried to get help but Dr Vine was in w/another patient.

Watch the door. I am in the hall way. Instead of closing the door she violently attacked me damaging my eye & laser surgery was required to repair a hole in my retina & she damaged my neck. I felt beautiful and happy that day. $430 medical procedure care by Dr Vine who w/her partner vacated the premises 2 weeks after the violent assault that damaged my eye and neck.

She violated my body, hit me repeatedly punching, grabbing my hair ripping it out of head, ripped out my earring but not the lobe. kicked me from the ground refusing to let go of my hair. After the 3rd attack to my body I took her down to the floor as gently as possible let go immediately to get away from violent maniac. It was like roid rage or road rage. She would not let go of my hair pulling me & trying to kick me in the groin. She had tried to pull me by hair down the hall.

Thanks again to all who have told me they have told me they sorry vs Dr. Fagelman Delita Hooks no apology; a patient using sock puppet accounts attempting to blame me.


www.nyee.edu/pbr.html See patient's rights she stood up berating me telling me I had no rights, menaced me getting out from behind the counter, when she stood at the door waiting for me giving me the finger she violated my rights provoking me.


She tried to drag me down the hall by my hair and the part below was deleted. I don't have a copy.

Det John Vergona stating he did not care if I had two black eyes. He refused to meet me. Det Vergona coerced me threatened me yelled at me You are going to drop those charges or I am arresting you. He decided I would have to wait 4 days (19 days after the attack) to be false arrested on Saturday at 4pm. I asked arrest the Jew on the Sabbath? Why do I have to wait 4 days to be false arrested? No answer.

What kind of MD is Dr Andrew Fagelman that he did not fire her?

I am told all the women in the video lied! I posted this 4 days after the attack when one of them (?) came and blamed me via a comment on a YouTube.

Allege aggravated harassment witness tampering by those associated with the crimes.

I am the victim of the most violent attack ever at a medical office by an office mgr receptionist; not arrested or fired plus the lies and blaming the victim...

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Ryland Vallely
Oh my god....I am speachless. Thank god you caught this on camera.
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Suzannah Troy
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-detective-andrew-dwyer-lt-burgos.html?m=1You can see a signed letter she my attacker Delita Hooks wrote to Detective Andrew Dwyer who never contacted me because he was going to break laws along with Detective John Vergona (he retired) you can see their supervisor signed off on every criminal action his name is Lieutenant Burgos and I contacted the commander DI Ed Winski so they were all involved in breaking laws joining my tech her doing fixing in favors they broke laws. For years now I have on YouTube audio of them preventing me from reporting my tech response cross-complaint sergeant Chen was the supervisor that day when I walked in you can hear he has a subordinate refuse to allow me to report her Delita Hooks false cross complaint hey violet a protocol by refusing to meet me, if I leave my constitutional rights and you're not allowed to prevent a victim from reporting a crime! I have audio of Internal Affairs Sergeant Mary O'Donnell refusing evidence using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend no crimes were committed and that's again a serious crime a bunch of crimes. We met once in person before the phone call which is posted on YouTube and she read me my attackers letter I now have it (it took almost 5 years) so you can click on the link above scroll down to the first police reports posted scroll through them and you'll see her signed letter threatening me telling me not to come back and file assault charges again or she will file a (second false) cross complaint and it would be second-degree assault! I have so much evidence a very serious crimes from the doctors office to police department and the city Zachary Carter keeps lying for them it is so startling and the doctors lying blaming me and for me it's pure evil I was supposed to be safe at a doctor's office. Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy) 9/26/17, 12:51 PM Dr Fagelman NYPD Crimes I fear neurological problems yrs of insomnia, punch to my head etc. Supposed tobe safe at MD suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/09/dr-f-n…
Suzannah Troy
Giuseppi Logan’s Second Chance - NYTimes.comhttps://mobile.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/nyregion/giuseppi-logan-jazz-artist-tries-for-a-comeback.html You can see a photo of me at the bottom of the article my life before my life greatly damaged by violence and lies at a doctors office and corrupt cops they found to do fixing in favors for them to also break laws.  I've gained a lot of weight severe chronic insomnia I've had I surgery to repair the damage and care for my neck but I haven't healed and I can't until they stop the lies and Ike they are held accountable
Suzannah Troy
NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer, Lt Burgos Protect Delita Hooks Signed letter Threat Retaliate 2nd false cross complainthttp://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-detective-andrew-dwyer-lt-burgos.html?m=1Took almost 6 years to get it.
Suzannah Troy
Almost 5 years and I finally got Detective Andrew Dwyer DD5 w/ Delita Hooks SIGNED letter a serious crime threatening me again protected by Dr Fagelman and corrupt NYPD Detectives and supervisors again!!!! Det Dwyer notes stating she didn't want to file assault charges against me! Of course not I did not assault her and she lied during an open investigation which is a crime! The DD5 has yet another very serious crime a letter she SIGNED warning me to not come back and file second-degree assault charges or she will file a second degree cross-complaint against me this time for second-degree assault! Her boss committed a crime made a phone call got fixing in favors and the cops were willing to break the law because of my blog because my YouTube and because I had reported their Facebook friend NYPD PO Eugene Schatz to Internal Affairs. FB friend Andy Dwyer, John Vergona, Det Tommy Moran and PO Gene Schatz all party to lying and police reports downgrading serious crimes to NO crimes including NYPD IA crimes Det Vergona told me he did not care if I had 2 black eyes, verbally violently threatening me verbally violent me worse than than Schatz verbal violence for the Mercer Hotel/Michael Rawson. Det John Vergona threatened me repeatedly with false arrest immediately Oct 16 than decided to false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath with Delita Hooks false cross complaint Oct 20. Det Vergona lied in police reports and refused to meet me see the wounds because he was openly going to break the law. These dirty corrupt cops facebook friends! Corrupt supervisors party to crimes and I have evidence including against NYPD DI Ed Winski all party the crimes! Their strategy was I was going to be threatened verbally violent with false arrest unless I dropped charges! Their reward promotion or being allowed to retire including Lt Burgos who on Friday the 13th 2015 just to be my Linkedin friend 5:30am same day as Terror attacks. Years before subordinate gave me his email and I asked for badge numbers of the cops and he didn't acknowledge me and he lied and police reports and now he wants to be my LinkedIn friend. (Edited post DD5s with evidence Det Andrew Dwyer and Det John Vergona crimes and Lt Burgos signed off on both.) I have audio posted on youtube of Sgt Chen and PO Magori lying to me and violating my rights obstructing justice preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks cross complaint. Audio you can hear me contact Internal Affairs, CCRB, DI Ed Winski. I followed up with letter and VM. DI Ed Winski like other commanders got promoted for fixing crime! Research dirty cops and you will see it in NYDN articles and read for yourself. Search NYDN Chief Marino and NYDN Chief Dowd and Research Adrian Schoolcraft his nypd Capt on audio turning away crimes promoted. I have audio of NYPD Internal Sgt Mary O'Donnell refusing evidence it's posted on YouTube and it shows the strategy of the corrupt NYPD and corrupt Internal Affairs corrupt corporate counsel Zachary Carter further violating my rights obstructing justice using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD didn't commit very serious crimes along with the doctors office and IA guilty as well as protecting crimes it was a bait and switch second-degree assault menacing or false cross complaint threatening the victim, NYPD Leiden police reports and omitted evidence obstructed justice by with my constitutional rights violently threaten me with false arrest imprisonment unless I drop charges misogynist sadists wanted to use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they didn't commit crimes that gave them extra special pleasure listen to a member of the boys club IA Sgt Mary O'Donnell pretend there are no crimes and they use Ron Kuby's letter to say case closed. Internal Affairs has the DD5s approve the cops lied and downgraded serious crimes the 3rd° mutual assault when there was no mutual assault. Det Vergona threatened me repeatedly and I agree twice false arrest first it was immediate October 16, 2012 approximately 130 and then he moved it to Saturday, October 20, 2012 I asked false arrest that you were on the Sabbath are you anti-Semitic? Det Vergona did not say no! He and detective Andy Dwyer were acting on a misogynist hate crime I allege it was Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina and Chad Seigel as Charles Ward. I forwarded the hate crime and both of them threatening me turning the tables on me if I took any action.   I asked the fake accounts claiming to be lawyers if they were committing witness tampering on October 7, 2012 threatening me during an open investigation. Their response were deleting their accounts immediately! I forwarded the emails by Bob aka Joe Tacopina calling me a cunt to detective Vergona and he never responded is a witness tampering threatening a victim intimidation and then he acted on it committing the crime's himself October 16, 2012. I'm now alleging that Joe Tacopina contacted Dr Fagelman as well as Dr Andrew Fagelman making laws by making a phone call conspiring for his employee to file a false cross complaint and he was told don't worry will threaten her with me not her will make her drop the charges so he was party to breaking laws threatening me and coercion. I want to know if Joe Tacopina contacted Detective Andy Dwyer my attacker and Dr. Andrew Fagelman. Lying to the place during an open investigation and is a crime. Conspiring to coerce someone threatened them harass them are crimes obstruction of justice aggravated harassment witness tampering. Delita Hooks signed letter to Det Dwyer is a crime and she and her boss were party to even more crimes conspiring to help me verbally violently threatened coerced to drop charges are crimes. Dr Fagelman did not want to fire his violent lying attack receptionist so he conspired to commit crimes knowing he would be protected and he has been all these years along with my attacker. No arrests just need the victim threaten with false arrest! In Det Andy Dwyer Delita Hooks says she doesn't want to file assault charges! Of course not because I didn't commit any crimes but she committed crimes including conspiring to have me threatened lying and police reports of falls cross-complaint menacing me and I want to know if she engage people and harassing me online blaming me when she's 100% guilty and are but it tactics in their supervisors and the doctors far as I'm concerned.
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/03/dr-andrew-fagelman-pretentious-new-bad.html Dr Fagelman got yet another bad Yelp review but he can't get the NYPD to threaten the newest victims of an MD that does not understand patient rights let alone the law about conspiring to have corrupt NYPD detectives threaten me with his violent lying attack receptionist/office manager's false cross complaint -- another crime as is lying to the police during an open investigation also a crime as is the signed letter to Delita Hooks NYPD fixer also a crime which the corrupt NYPD detectives rushed to seal her crimes with their crimes! The pile up corruptions and strings pulled is sickening so thrilled Yelp has not gotten all these recent new bad reviews to vanish...like the NYPD made 2nd degree assault, menacing, a false cross complaint, lying to the NYPD during an open investigation threatening the victim etc all VANISH along with the NYPD lying in police reports with their supervisors participating all crimes, as in threatening the victim with false arrest unless I dropped the charges and Det John Verogna than would only arrest me Saturday Oct 20, 2012 at 4pm and who knows what else he and corrupt co-workers dirty corrupt cops at the First Precinct would have fabricated as I have audio of NYPD PO Migori or Magori at the front desk lying to me and Sgt chen refusing to come down and face me as he backs up her lies and turns me away the audio is posted on YouTube and that violation of my rights was Nov 20, 2012 although I posted on YouTube much later along with Delita Hooks false cross complaint filed 2 days after me.
Dr Lego
This is fucking nuts!! That woman works for the doctor and she hit you!!?!?!? Why is that woman not in jail!?!?!?
Delita Hooks is a violent liar and BULLY! See the photo of me before I was hit like a human pinata I did not put down any of my bags but held on to them and my Iphone! Delita Hooks, Dr Fagelman and their creepy pals never say sorry and they do not seem to understand right from wrong just like corrupt NYPD that lied for them in police reports! http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2014/04/neck-md-delita-hooks-135lbs-grabbed-my.html You can see me holding a heavy bag -- it had a glass Ipad that is now shattered -- I am lucky she did not shatter my Iphone, see how many bags I was holding and I had two injections in my elbow -- my arm was numb when Delita Hooks A VIOLENT LYING RECEPTIONIST/OFFICE MANAGER WENT BEYOND HER REPEATED VIOLATING OF MY PATIENT RIGHTS -- SHE INSTIGATED/PROVOKED ME TO FIRST TRY AND GET HELP AND WHEN I COULD NOT GET HELP, SHE INSTIGATED/PROVOKED ME GIVING ME THE FINGER TO START FILMING. A NICE PERSON WOULD APOLOGIZE BUT THAT VIOLENT LIAR DELITA HOOKS WAS GOING TO CONTINUE TO VIOLATE ME AND INSTEAD OF CLOSING THE DOOR USES IT FOR BALANCE AS SHE BEGINS HER VIOLENT ATTACK. DR ANDREW FAGELMAN DID NOT FIRE HER BUT LET HER GO RIGHT BACK TO HER DESK. MY MD CAME TO ME IN THE HALL WAY AND WENT BACK IN AND TOLD DR FAGELMAN HE HAS TO FIRE HER. MY MD DR VINE MOVED OUT with her partner 2 weeks after I was attacked! THERE ARE TERRIBLE REVIEWS OF DR ANDREW FAGELMAN AND DELITA HOOKS AND STAFF BEFORE I WAS ASSAULTED AND AFTER -- THERE ARE SERIOUS PROBLEMS AND DR FAGELMAN DOES NOT TO UNDERSTAND PATIENT RIGHTS . DELITA HOOKS AND the NYPD seem to think it is okay to be violent liars and blame the victim and they have a right to beat People. NYPD Detectives and supervisors lied in police reports committed a pile up of crimes in my case and broke laws joining anyone and everyone that lied to the NYPD during an open investigation as well as participated in THREATENING me during an open investigation. I was coerced and the police dept uses Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD did not commit crimes and the NYPD and Internal Affairs are protecting Delita Hooks SIGNED letter to her NYPD fixer openly THREATENING me yet again warning me to not come back and file 2nd degree assault charges or Delita Hooks will file yet another false cross complaint and retaliate against me again. DELITA HOOKS, HER BOSS AND THE NYPD ARE THE WORST KIND OF BULLIES CONSPIRING TO THREATEN ME IN TO DROPPING CHARGES BECAUSE THAT CREEP DR ANDREW FAGELMAN LET HIS VIOLENT LYING ATTACK RECEPTIONIST GO RIGHT BACK TO HER DESK. DR ANDREW FAGELMAN WAS ASKED BY A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR DID YOU TALK TO THE POLICE AND DR ANDREW FAGELMAN'S RESPONSE NO COMMENT AS IF HE WOULD INCRIMINATE HIMSELF. NO ONE IS SUING ME AND THE NYPD ARE ACTING SO FRIGHTENED THEY DON'T WANT TO FACE ME IN COURT AND THAT IS BECAUSE THE NYPD COMMITTED CRIMES! Proof NYPD Det John Vergona lied in his DD5 (DD5 is a police term for NYPD police reports) and Public Member Marks got it right -- he met with me but Det John Vergona repeatedly refused to meet with me and lied about it in police reports and he and Delita Hooks equally corrupt Det Andy Dwyer also lied and all refused to meet me and just like Williamsburg "call a cop" fixing and favors it was arranged Delita Hooks would file a false cross complaint 2 days after me. https://www.google.com/search?q=det+vergona+lied+v+public+member+marks&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwicusfd1OjSAhXM64MKHbrdBmsQ_AUICCgD&biw=1306&bih=555&dpr=1#imgrc=WyLN8OZhP0tO-M: http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/12/nypd-det-john-vergona-01-det-squad-lied.html My Jacket in the Sept. 11 Museum before I knew I became a victim of NYPD crimes on behalf of Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying attack receptionist Delita Hooks
Suzannah Troy
Delita Hooks unprofessional violent liar instigated me first to get help and when I couldn't get help and she gave me the finger get again antagonizing me and instigating conflict violating my patient rights repeatedly at that point I start to film let's be clear she's unprofessional violent liar she's not a nice person if people think she's nice why hasn't she apologized? Shocking and disturbing other there's there's enough yelp reviews before I was assaulted and after to confirm if there something wrong with the front desk and with her employer and they're not nice people a nice person would say I'm sorry but they continue to sell the lie I instigated it when in fact she instigated it she couldn't even close the door instead of acting like a savage creature from the planet rage hitting me over and over and lying about it and they engaged corrupt dirty cops from 1st Precinct to threaten me! Lying to the police during an open investigation is a crime! Sparring with corrupt cops are threatened me a victim of a violent crime is also criminal act and the detectives lied police reports like Williamaburg this was fixing in favors and corruption and they are trying to cover it up by their crimes saying I instigated when I didn't! Delita Hooks continuing instigated me to get help she is in the wrong completely disgraceful abusive and violent actions repeatedly and shocking when patients come forward and lie and blame me it's not my fault there's nothing a medical patient can do to instigate a violent lying receptionist office manager to repeatedly violated patients rights and violate a patient's body. Let's any medical professional that start with NYU medical center and Beth israel if it's my fault for the medical offices fault for what happened.
Suzannah Troy
If Delita Hooks is so nice why did she lie why did she touch me all over my body including my vaginal area and why are you pretending that she's nice when you know no nice person would do that online blame the victim lie about the victim but what kind of person are you to say I instigated. I did nothing to instigate Delita Hooks violating my patient rights and body!!! I was a patient let's ask Medical professionals and NYPD under oath how a patient can instigate when Delita Hooks instigated from behind the desk and came out to continue to violate my patient rights instigating me to ask for help and when I could not get help she got between me and the door and gave me the finger! Giving someone the finger is provocative it's provoking and she provoked me to take out my camera she could've close the door and apologized. She made hole in my retina hurt my cervical spine she engage the police in lies she lied to the police during an open investigation and her boss and her conspire to have me threatened since he wasn't going to fire her. My Dad World War II veteran scholar died knowing and my mom is in hospice now dying is this what you would want is that the kind of treatment that be OK do you think I would do that to you so why did the person hate you there some nice you instigated it what kind of person are you ? I want earlier I was written up in the New York Times helping a Jazz Legend who's poverty level, I donated my white blood cells to with strangers including a child fighting cancer and you blame me you say I instigated it I didn't she instigated it she violated me she could've apologized every in person apologizes and you come and play me what you've traumatize me you've hurt my feelings because even more suffering
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