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Published on Feb 13, 2012



Part 2: (2012) Missing Airliners Explained - They did not impact the Towers - Drones did

This video uploaded by Xendrius on Oct 1, 2011

Why does the time-stamp say September 10th? Obviously because it was set wrong, trivial.

Undeniable new 9/11 DRONE ATTACK PROOF, visual and testimony evidence + proof of bombs

These are around 16 LIVE reactions of groups of people close enough to see the plane, guess how many of those people said the plane was either: no commercial plane OR a military plane (grey, no markings). ALL of them.

Speculation on left wing disappearing time: 0:50 - 0:54 "The wing color is the same shade of grey as the face of the tower. (You can see this especially in the frame when the plane is over the dark colored smoke) The middle part of the face of the tower is almost solid grey and when several frames in a row are the same color like what is seen, the video compressor leaves those grey pixels alone and concentrates on drawing the other pixels where there is change. Add the motion blur of the plane traveling at hundreds of MPH from an angle just below the plane impact and that is what you get."

Also see
9/11: The Absurdity of the No-Planes-in-New York Theory by Anthony Lawson:

9/11: INTERCEPTED (Created by Pilots For 9/11 Truth)

“War Games, Simulated radar tracks, aircraft exceeding their max operating limits by more than 130-150 knots, inaccurate aircraft position reports, false aircraft target reports, aircraft converging — flying virtually in formation with — and then diverging from reported 9/11 aircraft, fighters launched in the wrong direction, aircraft seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack, poor communications, phones not working…. What happened on the morning of September 11, 2001? Why were our defenses ineffective? Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyze NORAD response, Audio recordings as well as Radar data provided by government agencies.”

Planes Switched at Stewart AFB

If you read Operation Northwoods, there was a plan to have a chartered plane landed at Elgin AFB where a drone would take over its flight path to be shot down over the Atlantic (to be blamed on Cuba). Too big a coincidence that 11 and 175 flight paths converged right at Stewart AFB (perfectly aligned with the 2 runways)… Also, like the WTC complex, Stewart was privatized leading up to 9/11.

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Comments • 6,206

safaa Bensailimane
Inside job . sooooooo fxxxxx obvious!!! inside job as an excuse to make war with Iraq and steals its oil. Russia with China will gang bang u mother fuckers. I feel sorry for uneducated American people who are brainwashed by US media. Rothschild obviously doing his homework. Zionist bastards
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+letreason reign Well let me tell you without Putin shoving mega spanners in the New World Order agenda and China backing him we ARE fucked mate. You will be just a number with the Rothschilds, Rockefeller and Bilderber Group and so forth in control with your mate Obama sitting on the UN Control for his contribution in destroying America for this vile dream. The fact you made that dopey comment means you are ignorant of what I am saying.
Entertain Me
+safaa Bensailimane Russia and China are a different branch of the same evil. The world is fucked
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Barnibus Snaples
are you fucking kidding me? a kc 135? LAWL  "its got 2 engines and looks like a jetliner! OMG!!!!" You'd think it would be easier to buy a decommissioned 767. y'all and your theories hurt my head. "It looked like a black plane! Oh wait a grey plane! Oh wait a fighter jet!" make up your goddamn minds on what theory you wanna go with. 
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It takes no brains, or training to take an airplane that's already in the air and direct it anywhere you want to go.  No takeoff skills or landing skills required.  I've done it myself - in a very large 4 engine Air Force transport ... with no flight training at all. 
+lisbeth sissel Lots of documentation on the terrorists taking flying lessons... LOTS !  ... and here in the U.S.  
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Jazmin Jones
The American ppl are so stupid they still think "terrorist" did this smh. bush did this
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Jazmin Jones bush didn't do jack **
Laurence Pinney
Bush did not do 9/11. He, like all US presidents since JKF, is a puppet and very likely had nothing to do with it, other than have been told it would happen. Saying Bush did it came out as a way to make truthers look foolish, inasmuch as the event could not have been planned, executed, and covered up by one of the stupidest people to ever curse the White House.
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Brian West
If this was a government plot wouldn't you think they would've made the planes look like commercial airliners to cover up any notion that it was a military or government aircraft or doing? To go through the trouble of staging and plotting with the airlines and the passengers it would seem a big oversight on there part. I mean do you fuckin people think at all. I would rather believe if the planes were military that the government is covering up something else. Like for instance the planes were hijacked from a military base and then used to do this and the government doesn't want is to know that. It would seem a much less controversial topic but what would you bunch of crazies talk about then???? 
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Brian West
+Council of 13.....Someone has all the answers in life. Maybe I'm not interested in listening to your heavily opinionated banter. If this is how you decide judgment on someone's character by reading way to heavily into a few comments then your opinions on 911 can only be baseless and derived from ignorance! What I don't give a fuck about is arguing with some person that I don't give a fuck about and is clearly just looking to pick a fight! Whatever your reasons are for posting here, I just don't care to carry on a conversation with you any longer! Understood? Or are you going to drum up some other explanation of myself that's meant to make me feel bad! Lmfao! 
Teresa67 Factoid
+FactChecking101 Nope, there were no bodies, and no plane wreckage at the pentagon. It was a trench. Planes don't vaporize and vanish in a trench.       The highly skilled terrorist pilots, (not), did an amazing corkscrew dive, and hit the only recently reinforced section of the pentagon, that housed the records of the trillions of dollar military cost overruns, that were announced the day before, on Sept 10th 2001.      The Pentagon is a huge target, but rather than fly directly at it, they did a corkscrew dive and hit the Pentagon directly at this one recently reinforced spot that housed the records of the deficit. ????????????????
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WTF is going on with the planes left wing at 0:50? it disappears. Wings don't disappear from sight when moving in front of buildings.
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Robby House You talking to me you cunt? You'll pay for that.
Robby House
Myeah, wings kinda do disappear along with the rest of any airplane when it's flown into the side of a FUCKING BUILDING you idiot!
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Thomas Cavanagh
The color scheme that United used at that time was grey on top, dark  blue at the bottom. What a stupid argument. Also that woman "Thats was not an AA plane" of course you idiot it was an United Arilines plane
What is wrong with american government, with CIA or who else did it??? To blow up 3 buildings with thousands of people inside! It's very hard to believe that american government can do such crazy shit to have a ground for war in Iraq! What about Lary Silverstain? Is he sleep well after 3,000 americans was killed in his buildings and he got 8 billions for that? After that I have no doubt who did MH17 crash... Those who has an experience in such operations...
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wes m
educate yourselves sheeple.
Ozzie Balan
A crime against its own people!! Wake up America!!!i
Flames of Greg 97
My older brother When there he's was in high School? He's saw a plane?
Sean Gavin
+Ozzie Balan We are, or atleast the ones who are intelligent enough to know that a Jet Turbine engine requires Jet Fuel and it goes at 200 miles per hour and PHYSICS tell you that once big boom boom happens in building it falls on itself
Dr. Covfefe
"It was no commercial airliner" many many stated, even news people. Drone is the key word. There is NO way that buildings come down like they did, unless it is a controlled rip with thermite. It is not chemically possible for jet fuel to get hot enough or air fueled fire to melt iron and steel. Thermite explosives do and leave little trace other than molten steel, which was found. Not a conspiracy theorist, just putting chemical and engineering facts up front. Government is evil when they use their power to disregard innocents in name of power and money. Chaney is the kind that would shoot his own pet dog and kick it in a ditch if you offered him a oil well. Think he got Hitler's old heart, out of a freezer.
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Vance Walker
You retard, it didn't melt it, but it was hot enough to weaken it
Awesome Monkey
Then explain the united airline logo then in one of the videos
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