Bicycle trip Zeist - Utrecht - Maarssen - Nw Loosdrecht - Holl. Rading - Lage Vuursche - Den Dolder





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Uploaded on Apr 20, 2011

Bicycle trip Zeist - De Uithof - Utrecht - Oud Zuilen - Maarssen - Muyeveld - Nieuw Loosdrecht - Hollandsche Rading - Lage Vuursche - Den Dolder

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The tag for this trip is: [ZUUOZMMNLHRLVDD] which stands for the first letters of the towns, cities or villages, in order.

The route on Google Maps: http://g.co/maps/gcjne

The route:
00:05 Start at the Utrechtseweg, Zeist
00:29 Left: Schorteldoeksesteeg
Compare this part to the video shot a month earlier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr3pdZ... now the trees are green. Spring is here!
01:40 Bisschopsweg
05:55 Passing Tolakkerlaan, road changes name: Bunnikseweg, De Uithof
07:30 Turning left: Hoofddijk
08:25 Crossing Heidelberglaan. On the left you see the AZU, the Academic Hospital Utrecht, and on the right there is the Wilhelmina Kinder Ziekenhuis (Children hospital)
09:55 Left: Universiteitsweg, crossing the street. This is the Utrecht University campus
10:30 Passing Leuvenlaan
11:00 Right: Heidelberglaan. Directly to the left the building is called 'The Bishops' and on the right the building is called 'Casa Confetti'.
11:40 Passing the Utrecht University Library on the left
11:56 Passing Centrum Gebouw Zuid (left), 12:10 passing Centrum Gebouw Noord (right)
12:20 Passing Hogeschool Utrecht (left) and 12:22 Kruitgebouw (right)
13:12 Wentgebouw in view
14:15 Weg tot de Wetenschap (Road to Science), Utrecht
14:22 Passing Highway A27
16:20 Turning right: Platolaan
17:20 Left: Sophocleslaan, Utrecht
17:45 Name change: Prins Hendriklaan
18:30 Passing under Waterlinieweg
19:20 Crossing Jan van Scorelstraat
19:40 Detour to reach Wilhelminapark
22:22 Roundabout, turning left: Burgemeester Reigerstraat
24:20 Crossing Maliebaan, entering Nachtegaalstraat
26:45 Crossing Maliesingel, entering Lucasbrug
27:16 Entering Nobelstraat
28:05 Crossing Drift, entering Janskerkhof, Utrecht
29:15 Passing Neude, Utrecht
29:29 Entering Potterstraat
29:50 Turning right: Oudegracht Weerdzijde, Utrecht. Sorry, didn't pay attention to there the camera was pointing. Hope you like the houses. ;)
31:12 Crossing Weerdsingel Oostzijde, Utrecht
32:13 Crossing Adelaarstraat. Entering: Lauwerecht
35:40 Passing under the railroad
36:00 Name change: Anthoniedijk
36:42 Left: Loevenhoutsedijk, and 36:56 right: Jagerskade
37:46 Name change to Zandpad, Utrecht
39:03 Passing under the Marnixbrug
40:10 Name change: Vechtdijk, Utrecht
42:43 Rosendaal park
43:19 Passing 1e Polderweg, Utrecht
43:43 Passing Fort aan de Klop (right)
To the left is the 'river' Vecht. In previous centuries this was a major transport route of goods into Utrecht City
44:25 Passing under the Fransiscusdreef, Utrecht
48:16 Name change: Dorpsstraat, Oud Zuilen
50:20 Name change to Oostwaard, Oud Zuilen
53:20 Passing under Sweserengseweg / N404
57:00 Passing under Zuilense Ring, entering the town of Maarssen
58:40 Name change: Zandweg
1:01:25 Crossing Huis ten Boschstraat. Continueing on the Zandweg, Maarssen
1:02:00 Turning left: Langegracht, Maarssen
1:03:20 Continueing: Herengracht, Maarssen
1:04:30 Name change: Zandpad again. Pedestrian area
1:05:00 Walking along Park Doornburg in Maarssen. On the left the river is called Vecht.
1:07:00 Iron gate with mansion in the background
1:10:55 Goudestein, built in 1754
1:11:06 The sign reads: "This path is for pedestrians. Biking is not allowed in a 100 years. Could you please respect that? With thanks from and to Miep Schilt".
1:11:30 Plan of the Goudestein building
1:12:25 Turning right: a parking lot, 1:13:46 and then we turn left on Diependaalsedijk, Maarssen
1:14:56 Left on Diependaalsedijk
1:15:40 Back on Zandpad
1:15:56 Passing Machinekade
1:21:20 Turning right: Nieuweweg, Breukelen
1:24:08 Cycling around Fort Tienhoven (on the left)
1:28:13 Passing Veenkade
1:31:42 Passing Griendweg
1:34:00 Left: Herenweg
1:39:40 Road changes its name: Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk
1:56:55 Turning right: Molenmeent
1:59:46 Turning right: Rading
2:03:40 Turning left: Noodweg
2:06:35 Passing Hilversum airport on the right
2:13:00 Turning right: Utrechtseweg
2:15:10 Crossing the street. Time for a short break in Hollandsche Rading
2:15:52 Starting on Utrechtseweg, Hollandsche Rading. 2:16:12 Then turning left: Vuurse Dreef
2:16:45 Crossing the railroad, and passing under Highway A27
2:17:18 Passing Dennenlaan, Hollandsche Rading
2:20:30 At the end, right: Karnemelksweg
2:24:10 Paddestoel 21118. Koudelaan
Don't mind the repeat message about the ice tea. :-(
2:28:05 Skipping the cafe's and pancake restaurants. Turning right: Vuurse Steeg
2:32:30 Crossing Maartendijkseweg, entering: Vuurseweg
2:37:00 Crossing the Provincialeweg N234, and turning right: the parallel road called Soestdijkseweg Noord
2:37:45 Turning left: a nameless unpaved road
2:43:30 Right: Dolderseweg
2:49:50 End at the Dolderseweg
The rest of the video until 2:58:10 is blank due to a mishap in editing

OnetNL, 20110410



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