Tony Robbins and Sage Share 3 Health Tips, Hydration, Alkaline Water, Zig and Zag Days





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Published on May 26, 2009

Tony Robbins and Sage Robbins Share 3 Health Tips, Hydration, Alkaline Lifestyle are the keys.
I have been to all of Tony's events and if there is one thing I learned the most about vital health is the importance of a Alkaline diet! The best way to shift your body to an alkaline state is to drink alkaline water. Tony is a huge drinker of alkaline ionized water.
Check out the alkaline water machines now and start making a lagre impact on your health just by switching your water! http://ionways.com/snow or Http://WaterHealthNow.com?ID=149&LinkID=95

I also highly recommend listening to Tony Robbins program Living Health with Doctor Robert Young. If you liked this video you will love Living Health.

If you are interested in helping others become vital and healthy with alkaline water visit : Http://TurnWaterIntoCash.com?ID=149&LinkID=95

Alkalize and Energize!

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Jerrico Usher
So not only did you steal this video so you could put all your ads on it without paying the "all-star" selling your machines for you (Anthony), but you block other sites from being able to put it on there too? You're a piece of work, man. The message is good but you are literally hijacking what he's saying and acting like he's backing your scam machines. Sure they do alkalinize the water but the reality is alkaline water is easy to make- just get bottled (purified) water and some multimineral and save yourself from being scammed. I was going to post this video to back the message but you're too selfish to allow it, and with all your ads making it impossible to pay attention to the REAL message, you'd think you'd want people to see that. I guess one of your competitors was able to sell THEIR water even with YOUR STOLEN video on it huh, competition is fierce in the space I guess. wow. Just. Wow.
Nick Sanchez
"All those who agree say iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!"
Cynthia Cisneros
THE FACTS ABOUT H20 · 75 per cent of our hunger pangs are signals of thirst · Our brain is 75 per cent water · Blood is 92 per cent water · Bones are 22 per cent water · Muscles are 75 per cent water · Brain cells are 82 per cent water · Moderate dehydration can cause headaches and even dizziness · On hot days, sweating can cause you to lose up to 16 glasses of water a day · The body loses as much water when asleep as when awake · Mild dehydration slows the metabolism by as much as 3 per cent · A 2 per cent drop in hydration can slow mental recall
Really now experts on health??? As long as there is money to be made! No doubt a motivational MD from the Tony Robbins Med School. spare us
No, Tony!. It's not scientific. There is no scientific studies that showed alkaline based diet work. The alkaline idea came from Dr. Robert Young, who is not even a medical doctor and got in troubles w/ the laws in San Diego.
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she has fake lips and some work done
Kool Keith
her lips make me disbelieve anything she says lol 
So, this Sage chick wants to tell me about natural ways to be healthy, while her upper lip is literally about to burst from the stuff she had injected in it. Nice try!
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Great couple Great health tips Thx u
amazing how much power a woman has over a man just because she's good in bed.
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