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Uploaded on Jan 16, 2010

Jason Beghe is an acclaimed film and television actor who was a member of the Church of Scientology for a dozen years before leaving the cult. He began criticizing the cult in 2008. Mr. Beghe was interviewed by Mark "Wise Beard Man" Bunker in April 2008.

Scientology is a UFO cult created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard taught that the human mind unconsciously retains harmful memories originating from bad experiences over many life-times. The Scientologist pays for courses and sessions which allegedly exorcises the harmful "thetans" until he or she becomes "clear" (which allows the Scientologist to gain magical powers). This process usually takes many years and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Once you become "clear" you are told to take "Operating Thetan" or OT levels. Instead of trying to 'audit' your painful experiences you start auditing the ghosts of dead space aliens whom allegedly live inside your body. At OT III they tell you that 75 million years ago there was an evil intergalactic warlord named Xenu who captured all these space aliens with the help of psychiatrists and tax collectors (L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, was hounded by both for being a quack), flew them to Hawaii and murdered them with nuclear weapons. Xenu then captured their spirits and brainwashed them into believing a false reality. These ghosts - "body thetans" - later attached themselves to the bodies of human beings and these - the higher-level Scientologists believe - are the true cause all our troubles and anxieties.

If the Scientologist does something that dissatisfies the cult leadership he or she is sent to "ethics," forced to take courses over again (which cost tons of money, so you learn to never criticize), and/or forced to "disconnect" from friends and family members who are labeled "Suppressive Persons". In other words, the Scientologist is taught that any failures on the part of the cult's "technology" is actually not the fault of the illusory nature of Scientology but of past or present sins or of the suspicions of friends and family. Scientology breaks up families, friends, and marriages. The cult is completely against psychiatric drugs so if you have seizures or suffer from any other illness the answer is to take more classes.

The Church has an intelligence arm called the Office of Special Affairs which is used to harass and defame critics, as well as various fake cover organizations (Narconon, Religious Freedom Watch, etc)... To learn more please subscribe to XenuTV and XenuTV2 or visit:



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