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Ajoutée le 30 janv. 2009

Armando Depuente is very talented Judo player with flair of living life on the edge. Although Judo is a martial art with a lot of traditional values, he is mostly in it for the glory of the sport. As he advances during the Olympic Trials Tournament, he gets an injury that goes on to cost him the final match for his division. The injury goes from bad to worse during the match and he is forced into surgery and to an early retirement. For the next few years he hits the bottle hard and is eventually arrested for drinking and driving resulting in him hitting a young girl. Armando is sentenced to serve time and community service. After prison he volunteers for a youth center in a barrio area where the community lives out harsh times. While service under janitorial duties, he helps a young man out when the kid is bullied in a fight against a much bigger guy. The boy asks Armando to train him to fight after the ordeal. Armando is reluctant but after the boy, whose name is Phoenix, becomes persistent and tormenting, Armando agrees to. Although Phoenix starts off as Armandos only student in the youth center, others join, including the original bullies who were picking on Phoenix, and eventually Armando has his own dojo within the center. Armando argues with the decision makers of the youth center to get better equipment needed for the dojo to survive. Without it, the dojo will be shut down. However, Lori, the Club Director is very supportive. She is also understanding of Armandos past and tries to keep the dojo going. The head director of the center's organization, Mr. Mariano is not as supportive. He sets an ultimatum, if the kids all place in their first tournament, they can get all the equipment theyll need, if not, Armando and Lori will have to stop pushing for the equipment and allow the Judo program to die. Armando accepts the challenge and trains the children by visiting his old Sensei who forces him to face his past. The children all place, except one, forcing Armando to compete to get the last and final medal needed in order for it to seem as if all the kids placed. Armando fights his way through the open division to try and live a more enlightened life with and is more respected by his peers this time around.

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