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Fast DirecTV or Dish Network satellite dish alignment meter finder

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Uploaded on Jul 19, 2009

Update 1/31/2014: Use Discount Coupon Code YT5 to get $5 off your next online order. (Limited time offer).

Order meter from here: http://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Products/Ac...

This unit is connected via coaxial cable between the satellite dish and the satellite receiver satellite input. The receiver provides operating power to the finder, as well as to the LNBF at the dish. Power to the finder illuminates the meter light and provides operating power to the RF amplifier that drives the analog meter movement. A sensitivity control knob is used to adjust the meter to be within range of no signal to high signal. (Satellite TV signals are always digital .) Make interim sensitivity adjustment to keep the meter about midrange. After doing an initial aiming of the dish for required azimuth and elevation, use the finder to locate your required satellite, then make small azimuth and elevation adjustments for maximum signal. If you found the correct satellite, the TV will display signal strength or a picture. If a tree or other obstrction partially obscures direct line of sight to the satellite, you may get a lower than optimum signal that is insufficient to view television. The Satellite Finder does as its name implies, find satellites; all of them. It is up to the user to find the correct satellite. The Satellite Finder is indispensable.

This video shows how a satellite meter can help finding the sweet spot to perfectly align a satellite dish. This can be used on a DirecTV, Dish Network, C Band, KU Band, Free To Air, satellite dishes. Good for DIY Home installer and for RV campers.

Simply wire this affordable device between your dish and your receiver,
Turn on your equipment
Adjust your satellite dish angles until the meter indicates optimum signal strength.
What used to take 30 minutes or more, now takes just 30 seconds. Perfect for installing new dishes, or simply making adjustments to existing dishes after windstorms, hurricanes, heavy rains or earthquakes!

Helps reduce rainfade (breaking up of satellite signal during rain storms).

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For use with:

Dish Network
Free To Air FTA
C band
KU band

This is a new updated model of our SF95L meter. FASTER SETUP TIME.

Get perfect satellite dish reception in seconds with this easy-to-use DSS Satellite Finder! This tool is a must for RV motorhome enthusiasts who take a satellite dish with them on the road, and for home users.

This product lets you easily make adjustments yourself, without having to shout back and forth with a second person at the TV location.

With one of these meters, it's often enough to point the dish in approximately the correct azimuth/elevation direction and then slowly sweep the sky and listen for the tone to tell you when you hit the "sweet spot". These meters are much more sensitive than the one that the receiver provides on your TV and react much faster to changes in signal strength. With a little practice, you'll be able to find the satellite in seconds and fine tune it quickly.

This is a NEW model with:

22KHz pass through indicator LED light.
H/V polarity indicator LED light.
H: Horizontal or Left Hand (18V) Polarity signal indicator
V: Vertical or Right Hand (13V) Polarity signal indicator

Key Specifications/Special Features:
950-2050 MHz bandwidth
Pocket size and lightweight
11dB Gain
-25 to -75dBm Input Level
High sensitivity
Built-in light for night dish adjustment
Audible tune-in signal.
Listening to signal tone and changing antenna direction makes it easy and quick to find the best signal reception.
75 Ohms Input/Output impedance

Works with STANDARD, UNIVERSAL, and DSS LNBFs. (Note: Some other competitor brands do not work with UNIVERSAL LNBFs)

No batteries required, it is powered by the receiver. It has a built in light and audio tone.

Great product for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Easily set up satellite dishes on RVs, motor homes, picnic tables, truck, decks, roofs, or anywhere you want to setup your dish.
Make adjustments yourself without a secondary helper
What took 30 minutes now takes 30 seconds

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS HERE: http://sadoun.com/Sat/Images/Products...

More information: http://www.Sadoun.com

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