Solar Storms Rising





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Published on Sep 19, 2012

Solar forecasters predict the Sun will reach the peak of its eleven year cycle sometime in 2013. Meanwhile, after one of the least active solar minimums on record, the Sun is rising again. Here are some of the highlights captured so far by NASA satellites: powerful X-class flares, flamboyant CMEs, and swirling turbulence on its surface. Our favorite is the "magnificent CME" from August 2012. You can be sure there's more of this to come.

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It can knock out all our satellites and disrupt electrical system on earth. It not common, wasnt a lot of electronical systems around last time it happened, but it will happen again.
I'm just saying this to get it off my chest there's so many things that can cause world destruction but we don't know which will hit us first.
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Falcon Works Engineering
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No sir, YOU are the reason.
we're so dead! 
Please do not breed for our specie's sake.
Никита Николаич
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... then alot of books are true. Technically, even if it did proof origins, then scientifically you would still need to explain the source, and it would need to be verified. And as that seems to be god, acc to your book, you would need to verify god. And that is just the point. You can only do that by saying 'I believe in him, so it is true.' So from a scientific standpoint, that will not work as that is a circular argument. The book proofs god > in book he created all > the book are his words
I'm not American. I'm from the Netherlands. But to continue on your thought,... no I do not consider believers retarded rednecks and such. Sadly intelligence has got nothing to do with believing or not, though globally most scientists appear to be atheists, and some of them said they wont admit it publically. I do care and when I google it I see just as many viewpoints against what you propose. You can not claim scientific KNOWING, on a sentence in some old book. If that worked, then ...
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