Zombies Ate My Neighbors - 0K 0Dmg 100% Challenge Run - 25-27





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Published on Nov 3, 2009

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Hard hard hard, on my first attempt I got to level 27 but since I hadn't refreshed my memory I wasn't sure about what to do and lost. After taht it all went downhill... level 25 was not simple at all and it took a whole lot of attempts to beat it again, only to lose later in level 26 or most likely level 27 again and again.

And it doesn't end there, after two days playing (usually takes one :P) I finally got a run, and when I played it back it desynched!! I had to do it all again a third day until I finally got a run that plays properly.

Then I had trouble making the video of it because it was too long for a video file and stuff like that, so it took a fourth day to think of way to get this video :D

25 - Hard. The level is easy with a couple of tricky spots. But what makes it hard is the single Giant Enemy Baby that roams about. I must defeat it or I wouldn't rescue all the victims, but it can hit you anytime it wants. On the video I show a 100% safe spot, but it would have taken the whole video to defeat it that way, I only unloaded a good bunch of water on it and finished it off with the Pandora Box, the safe spot has the cool thing that it can "glitch" the baby. If you notice I kept changing positions but always stayed facing in diagonal, there's one spot that makes the baby stay stuck like at the end when I started throwing all the sodas, when it does get stuck it won't move until you hit it with four sodas, but even then if you just keep throwing will be able to score a lot more hits. I didn't try with the boxes right away, because like I said the baby can hit you anytime it wants (when outside the safe spot, and you can use the box there because there are Ants around), also sometimes the four boxes are not enough to defeat the baby (although three will do the job if they hit properly).

If you notice I open the radar to show a glitch, when the baby victim spawns it screws up the victim counter. I also show a "glitch", why i keep walking to that corner, because Ants automatically dissapear.

Anyway tricky spots are the blob area first, which you can lose easily or do easily as well, this time a mix of both it seems. And then rescuing the first soldier, you must wait for that ant to the right to spawn while you are in that location (not being able to see the bazooka), that way it won't kill the soldier.

26 - Easy. It is not dead easy, but it is easy enough to call it easy. However it does have tricky spots too, basically the eareas with zombies you can lose if you miss your movement presses or calculate wrong. Also after resuing the cheerleader and baby at the center of the map you must use the weedwhacker to get to the stairs, but usually a fast zombie will be waiting there and not only that but the plants will fire in your direction too, so you must extremely quickly switch to extinguisher / alien gun and get out of there lightning fast.

27 - Hard. Now this whole level is hard, its not just a giant baby, but lots of werewolves. As you may not know the werewolves walk faster than you, so the only way to not get hit is stopping them in their tracks or "baiting" them, which you can do by using a clown or by walking / standing still for a few milliseconds, enough for them to start their claw swipe, and get out of the way in an instant, so it doesn't hit you, their attack will last a bit longer so it will separate them from you.

Of course that's too risky, on top of that they can attack you on water or through the building' walls if you get too close. Even if you don't get hit, your victims can get killed, the first soldier can be killed very easily, and also the last cheerleader as the werewolves spawn closer to them than you can get to the werewolf or victim.

I got lucky though and got a ghost potion, I might even use it on the next level which is extremely hard because I am required to make five zombies follow me but there's no room to evade them all.

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