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Published on Nov 11, 2011

Thank you to all involved.

Here's a quick disclaimer. Any paid redistribution of this video is illegal considering this is just a fan film. This video is free to watch. The creators of the video claim no rights whatsoever to the Percy Jackson and Camp Half Blood series. We're just huge fans who wanted to make this.

And now thank you to EVERYONE who has helped make this video possible, including the oodles of Percabeth fans on tumblr. You're excitement for the project carried along the inspiration. :)

And a big pat on the back to our two main actors Tom and Shannon (Percy and Annabeth) who had to wear those t shirts while it was only 45 degrees F outside! That's NOT t shirt weather! Kudos to you guys! They are TROOPERS.

Of course, I can't thank my crew enough for being there to help with filming, without you especially none of this would be possible.

Here's the link for the t shirts!

As for the necklaces that I got, here's a link. And thank you to Amber (the creator of the necklaces) who got them to me extra fast!! Thanks so much Amber!

I hope you enjoyed the video!


Comments • 1,185

got7 more like god I want all seven of them
Congratulations, this short fan film is officially more accurate than the original film.
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The fact that you guys are still giving this video love after all these years... PJO fandom, yall rule. Yall are just the best.
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Josephine Schneider
yeeeeeeeeeees... we know;-)
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Md Jakir
+Amy Dorsey lvsbvf tomorrow
A.D Dorsey
+Jasmine Ward LAWL YAAAASS
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Brian Sanders
Let's be honest, we all had the exact same reaction as Clarisse.
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Ellie Sky
Casei Cahfin
yes entire fan base of PJO
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Triatomic Ai
If only the movies were actually like the books. Like this.
+LoneStar German ikr the lighting thief was meh
HOLD UP!! He put a perfectly good cupcake on the floor. Smh😔
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jeonghoon choi
Thelexijoiner yea honestly that looked really good
you don't know the flack i've had about this!! hahahaha
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Leila Middleton
Dear (not so much) Kronos and his Titan Army, Please will all of you refrain from making now OVER 300 FLIPPING ACCOUNTS TO DISLIKE PERCY JACKSON VIDEOS! You suck. (Damn, Annabeth is much better than me at insults.)
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BlueCookies AreLyfe
+Bluedevilsleag Then ur a dam awesome person 😃😃
+Emma Hind omg I love the references😂
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Despair Bagels
I feel rude for saying this but I honestly don't think they make a good Percy and Annabeth. 
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Maggie Jiang
I agree, and there wasn't that emotion, either.  Also the way they spoke sounded as if they were just reading lines of a script without really putting the emotion into it.
Molly Collum
i know who! the real ones! i even know where Percy is! he is right behind me of course!
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Natalie Shin
i took one look at "percy" and nearly puked. PERCY LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN BEIBER!!!!!!!! ;BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!' SO SAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
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Natalie Shin
sides, im 12. im very picky in the 'golden age'
Natalie Shin
NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO SAPPY!!
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Ella Payne
Not being mean but I like Logan and Alexandra better.
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Ella Payne
+Abby Johnson yeah 
Abby Johnson
I can see why but they are too old to play young kids. HEAR THAT HOLLYWOOD KIDS!!! NOT TEENAGERS KIDS!!!! ahem back to the point theyare good actors but I think they will do better in other movies where they are young adults or something.
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