Pokemon Blue: "The Mew Glitch" revealed.





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Published on Jan 3, 2007

Update: Everyone who is claiming this isn't R/B or is fake you all are complete morons. This video was recorded from an emulator playing this game in Super Game Boy mode (the SNES cartridge that lets you play your games on the TV). Pokemon Red/Blue (and many other GB games) have special Super Game Boy pallets saved into their memory that can be accessed by playing the games on your Super Game Boy. I don't know how many times I have to say that.

The first time I read about this glitch, I was no longer really interested in the games anymore, but it sounded so awesome for being recently discovered. This is a demonstration of the popular "Mew Glitch", which lets you get the Mew without having to use Gameshark or pray that Nintendo will do another Pokemon tour... with Red and Blue.

Anyways, here's the breakdown for you if you're interested in trying it yourself. You need Fly, the Youngster Trainer with the Slowpoke by Bill's House, and the Gambler Trainer at the underground tunnel entrance in Route 8.

1) Go above the Gambler so he is one square off of the screen. Take a step down and hold Start mid-step.
2) The start menu should come up. Fly to Cerulean City. The Gambler will see you, but it's too late, you're off.
3) You will be in Cerulean City, and the Start button will not work now. Go up Nugget Bridge and make your way to the Youngster.
4) Walk above him so he sees you and has to walk up to you, or else the game will freeze. Beat him and fly back to Lavender Town.
5) Start walking towards Route 8, like you're heading back towards the Gambler. Once you step into Route 8, the pause menu will come back up. When you exit this menu, a Level 7 Mew will attack you.

Unless you're cheating and getting free Master Balls, this is a hard battle. Try to paralyze Mew and get her health down as far as you can. Enjoy!

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@MonkeyBoneVids Yeah, he probably did, but it's possible he didn't... he could have just used the item duplication glitch to get that many Masterballs. As for the level 30 Venusaur and Blastoise... this Mew glitch can be used to get any Pokemon (not just Mew), depending on the last Pokemon you fight (that Slowpoke gets you Mew, other Pokemon get other things... it depends on their Special stat). It's possible that he previously used it to get a low level Venusaur and Blastoise as well.
Bananda Dee
This video is 10 years old. 
Its funny i remember when the commercial for this game came out and the game itself i was so excited and happy i got red...so everyone who talks crap about hacks this came out before gameshark was on the game boy and you sound stupid it is a working glitch and the masterballs are from a nice missing no glitch and if you dont know about that your a fool and dont know anything.
Funny how you didn't hack it yet you have 93 master balls
Its just a Game. I know what missingno is actually. I don't see it in this video though. I pitty you for calling an online user a retard when you have no idea who they are on ther other side of a computer screen.
no the mew glitch DOES work, but yes the levels of his pokemon ARE hacks
howd you get a lv 30 Venusaur. It evolves at lvl 32
and venusaur supposed to be at least 34
i will post a video explaining it tomorrow too...so you can watch that if you want.
is there any way to do this after youve battled him ?? i have a completed game and i want a mew lol
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