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Published on Oct 23, 2011

I wrote this song for my new girlfriend. Been with her for a couple months now and figured I'd let her know how I feel. I knew you guys would wanna hear it so here it is guys, tell me what you think :)

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Tell me what you're lookin' for in a man
I'll be anything you ask, you know that I can
But I'm only into Aryans
If you're not one of them, we can just be friends
Hope you're not a vegetarian
Cuz I eat a lot of meat and I'm dairy man
On the surface I am very bland
But if you get me into bed you'll see I rarely am
I don't want another bad romance,
I'll never date a Lady Gaga fan again, damn
When we met I knew I had the chance
To get rid of all the skeletons in my past
I was the kid with his hand in his pants
Who got his first kiss when he went to band camp
I get erections on a daily plan,
I can never move around cuz I can barely stand
I know I don't have a hairy chest
But I don't think I have an empty sack
Honestly I never cared to check
Cuz my momma always told me I was very blessed
I'm the dent in my family crest
When you're with me in public is it embarrassin'?
I'm only kiddin' baby you're the best
Because I don't only like you when you're barely dressed

And if there's one thing that
You know I know is true
I saw the world through my
Ignorant point of view
I coasted on good luck,
Misfortune came my way
You steered me off dirt paths
Onto a road that's paved

Girl, I think you're lookin' really fly
If you're lookin' for a man, won't you let me be your guy, I
Can be everything you fantasize
This is not a pickup line, I'm offering you paradise, why?
Cuz it's worth a try
We'd make a great team,
I'll always standby
You make me your own
And I'll make you mine
And make love to you
Until I make you cry

And when we look back on it, we'll be so glad we made it
And every morning after, we'll both just snuggle naked
You're pluckin' at my heartstrings, girl I can feel you playin'
I love it when you're with me, but whenever you leave me I hate it

And if there's one thing that
You know I know is true
I had the blinders on
Till the day I met you
And now my life's upbeat
Like a Nintendo game
I got a million lives,
So I'll just keep on playin'

This is my heart, you can have it
You and me are real, we don't have to act it
It's organic, there's no plastic
I only ask that you be yourself that's it

For a girl like you, is this average?
Even Harry Potter couldn't make this magic
You're like my favorite jam, I wanna blast it
I'm a tough case, but you cracked it

I've got a lot of feelings, I don't know if I should
I can't be fallin' for you, because I feel so good
I try to fight this feeling, but when I do it hurts
I try to get you off my mind, but nothing really works

And I don't mean to come on strong
I've been thinking of this song for so long
And if any of my thoughts seem awful wrong,
You've got false knowledge of the thoughts I've got

So what I'm telling you is legit
Never thought I'd come to feel the way I do now, kid
Didn't think it would ever come down to this
Never thought I'd fall in love again, but I did

And this one thing that
You know I know is true
When you and me began
I had a different view
I saw that it's okay
For things in life to change
But now that I've got you
I just want you to stay

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