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Uploaded on Mar 19, 2011

Since my accident at work, which resulted in a severe back injury, I have had more to think about a few things & one of those is concealed carry options and does size really matter?

Back in the day, firearms for the most part, were smaller & easily concealable. It started out with revolvers then the semi auto market eventually made smaller versions of their full sized firearms and presto! we have conceal carry firearms. Today the market is full of them, compacts, sub compacts and even micro sized firearms. People used to say that if a firearm was not a compact, subcompact or smaller it was not a conceal carry firearm. So in light of the smaller sizes, its not surprising that the rule of thumb "if you want to conceal carry you gotta get a small framed gun" was born. However I have found it really depends on the individual & that size doesn't really matter most of the time.

However that mindset is changing as ppl are looking for more options & not a 'one size fits all' mentality. Does a bigger rig present problems when carrying concealed? Sometimes but it really depends on the individual, their daily activities & the purpose for their firearm. I think the firearms community, gun stores, manufactures & instructors need to cater more to individuals & their needs instead of following some old rule of thumb that limits what ppl can or can't do. Sometimes rules need to be broken.

Some would say a good conceal carry would be an XD 9mm subcompact (or similar sized rig). Its small, easy to use & very concealable = a good conceal carry firearm. Well how about an XD 45? Its not that much bigger and can anyone honestly say that the overall length difference between an XD 9mm subcompact (6.3") and an XD 45 Service Model (7.25") makes the XD 45 too big for conceal carry? Does that extra .95 of an inch make it un-concealable? How the weight difference? Does an additional 10 ounces make a firearm too heavy for conceal carry? I don't think so, and as the gun community continues to grow and cater to individuals, the more I think this rule of thumb will become less set in stone.

Now there are some minor problems that come with carrying a full sized firearm for conceal carry, but for the most part it comes down the an individual and what they can get comfortable with. For ppl that new to conceal carry, it doesn't really matter how big or small a firearm is, they will have to get comfortable with it regardless. The more a person carries their firearm the more comfortable they will become with it. I know lots of ppl who carry full sized 1911s concealed and have no problems. Of course there are other variables, like a persons build (big, small, etc) that may play a part in how they conceal carry but for the most part carrying a full sized firearm is not much different than a compact. This is good news for those that like larger caliber firearms and the phrase "Go big or go home".

Regardless of what type & size of firearm a person decides on carrying, the most important factor comes into play & that is effectiveness. You should only use a firearm that your comfortable with and can consistently put rounds on target. If a firearm is too big, too small or the caliber is too much for a person to handle, then perhaps they need to rethink their firearm choice. You can have the most expensive firearm on the market but if you cannot hit the target, its not going to do you much good when it comes to defending yourself. This is where a quality instructor comes into the picture.

A good instructor needs to know not only the differences between different types of firearms but more importantly how to use them effectively. So many times I have seen ppl blame the gun as being wrong for them, when in fact its not the firearm, but their lack in following the basic marksmanship fundamentals. So we see that size does not matter for the most part. With practice anyone can become comfortable conceal carrying almost any sized firearm. The real test is putting rounds on target effectively.

Anyway thats my two cents for today.


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