The Greatest Evil The World Has Ever Witnessed





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Published on Sep 10, 2012

On the Monday, September 10, edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about the case of a commercial fisherman who was investigated by the cops for buying a few boxes of ammunition. He also talks about economy and how we are not being told the truth about the real economic condition of the United States as the globalists move forward with their takedown agenda.

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Comments • 218

HoodwinkedbyanAngel Michael Fazio
i hope they dont make it ilegal to ask THE CHIMP IN CHARGE ``` FOR A BLOW JOB ...that would really suck no pun intended ...
Its 9-11,and i Remenber all the people killed on 9-11 by getting out the message that 9-11 was an INSIDE JOB!
John Farley
Here we go again. 6 Million and counting dehoused people living in tents. Interest rates at 3% to trick others to spend whatever is left and buy a home they will never own. Then watch the interest rates rise so that the banks can get their greedy hands on those homes again. Then there will be maybe another 6 Million dehoused. If those people alone marched in protest it would be spectacular. Imagine what us all could achieve if we all marched together.
The Media is controlled by The Arch Bisschop of NY who controls the CFR Catholic Zionist Rupert Murdoch is a Member of the CFR and a Knight of St Gregory The Great one of the higher ranks of The Knights of Malta WTC Leaseholder Larry Silverstein is a Catholic Zionist and Knight of Malta Rudoplh Guliani The Mayer of NY at the time is also a Knight of Malta 
The Bilderberg group was founded by a Jesuit (Joseph Retinger) and Knights of Malta Prince Bernard but Dame of Malta Queen Elizabeth II has a bigger role in it then Queen Beatrix , all high Freemasons , Monsanto was founded by John francis Queeny who was also a Knight of Malta. Bill Gates has a lot of shares in Monsanto and he is a Teutonic Knight Proof Bilderberg members like Queen Beatrix are working with Queen Elizabeth II and are all (Dame) Knights of Malta and overruled by Jesuits.
They are Masonic Labour Zionists and ALL Hofjuden Serving The Pope (Hijacking the Jewish Identity)a Catholic Order , They are Crypto Jews working for Rome end of Discussion. Israel was founded by The Knights of Malta ! The Protocols of Zion where created by the Jesuits ! (Abbe Barruel) 
Also Zionism was created by Papal Court Jew based on Futurism. Zionism based on Futurism was invented in Rome by Jesuits Francisco Ribera and Manuel Lacunza. This false "alternative" biblical view was later sold by Edward Irving. Almost all Protestant churches now teach this Jesuit view, foresaking Reformation theology. They needed an "alternative" to get peoples eyes off the Roman Papacy that the Protestants identified as the 1st Beast of Rev13. Romes Mark is Sun-day worship, even they admit it
You need a history lesson and to be taken off of the Jones needle of deception maybe. ahahahaha YES! You're "no" is contrary to the facts!! God damn sheep!
The ones strategically placed in positions of high power
The Jews you speak of are all serving Rome..The world is controlled by the Jesuit order and Vatican knighthoods! You have been properly programmed to blame "Jews"..also, there are 6 different kinds of Zionists. They are all knighted into the society of Jesus..
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