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Published on Jan 9, 2011

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In this episode, we're covering the first handgun - the ASP.

It's a semi automatic pistol, and is available as part of one of the default classes at level 1.

It's an American weapon, designed by New York gunsmith Paris Theodore in the early 1970s.

It was commercially introduced in 1975, although in no great quantity - only 450 were ever made.

Based on the Smith and Wesson Model 39, the ASP was designed from the ground up as a concealable pistol for covert operations.

With an extensively modified frame, the ASP takes on a unique appearance - with no unneccesary protrusions and smoothed curves for a fast, snag-free draw.

One such innovation was the complete removal of the front sight post - and the addition of a rear 'guttersnipe' sight instead.

Although not quite as precise as conventional pistol sights the tapered channel allows for faster target aquisition, and in any case is more than adequate for covert use.

The entire weapon was given a teflon coating, and the grips were also replaced with clear Lexan, allowing the operator to know precisely how much ammunition was left in the magazine.

The magazine capacity isn't great, largely due to the weapon's compact size - just seven rounds.

The ASP fires the NATO standard 9 by 19 millimetre Parabellum cartridge, just like the Smith and Wesson 39 it was based on.

Damage is good, at least up close - 3 hits to kill within effective range puts it on par with the more powerful SMGs.

Of course, the range of the pistols is limited so at any sort of distance you'll find you'll need 5 hits to kill - and given that there's only 7 rounds in the magazine that can be tricky.

The ASP has the highest firecap of all of the pistols - with a potential fire rate of 937.5 rounds per minute, 50 percent higher than any other.

Recoil is not a factor unless you have a very quick trigger finger - but in general within effective pistol range you won't have issues hitting your target.

Aim speed for pistols is faster than any other weapon class - just 150 milliseconds, and in the case of the ASP, the reload is equally swift at 1.25 seconds - faster than any other weapon.

The secondary weapons work best as a complement to a primary rather than weapons in their own right. They're particularly effective in situation where you find yourself in close quarters with a less-than-ideal primary weapon.

Even the versatile assault rifles can benefit if you find yourself out of ammunition - switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.

Otherwise, low-capacity weapons or those ill-suited to close combat benefit the most from a pistol secondary. If you're confident in your primary's ability up close, then a launcher or special could be a better choice.

Having a secondary can also help should you run out of primary ammunition - it's not ideal but it's better than nothing.

With its fast reload Sleight of Hand isn't a necessity, but with it the ASP is lightning quick.

If you favour Dual Wielding then Steady Aim is the only logical choice instead.

The ASP is the fastest secondary on the draw, so in situations where you'll be close to the enemy and potentially vulnerable, it's very useful.

Its only real downside is its small capacity - if your first seven shots don't secure the kill, then your speed advantage is lost.

Still, the reloads are very rapid, so you can keep up sustained fire with only a brief pause - but most gunfights will be over long before you can deplete two magazines.

It's a niche weapon - perfect for finishing those in last stand or where your primary weapon is out of ammunition.

Where milliseconds count the ASP will save your life --- time and time again.


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