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Published on Mar 20, 2010

Note: The time of day is night, so that I can use Dusk Balls effectively

So I have seen a lot of people asking how to catch Raikou and Entei. I have come up with an easy way that just requires a little patience. You need a Pokemon with Mean Look. (False Swipe and Baton Pass are helpful too) You keep going back and forth between routes, checking the Pokegear to see the location of the Dogs/Beasts/Cats. (Whatever you prefer) When one of them is on the same route as you, go into the grass and find it. I have a level 42 Absol that I used for this. It is faster than both Entei and Raikou so I was able to use Mean Look before it fled. Then you would use False swipe to weaken it. (False Swipe will always leave 1 HP left) However if you use Mean Look, they can still use Roar and end the battle immediately. To fix this, you can use Mean Look, then use Baton Pass (Baton Pass keeps the effects of Mean Look going even when the Pokemon is switched out. So you can switch to a Pokemon that has the ability Sound Proof such as Exploud and that will prevent Roar from working. If you would like an Absol with Baton Pass and Mean Look, I am willing to breed mine and trade the eggs. Those two moves will be passed on to the baby.

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somebody sombody
Ok...  Puts entei to sleep Entei Fled! Me:ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Iced Gamer
This is how I caught them early, with a ghastly. 1st of all: get a ghastly AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MEAN LOOK, HYPNOSIS AND CURSE ON IT! step 2: encounter legendary dog (raikou or entei) step 3: Mean look, hypnosis, curse. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ATTACK IT! Step 4: after 4 turns of curse flee. I know, I know, but if you don't it's gonna die. Step 5: encounter that same dog again. Step 6: mean look, hypnosis. Step 7: Throw your (poke)balls at it and put it back to sleep as nescessary. Happy dog hunting!
Sam Eggleton
I love how intense you made this video XD
russell bulluck
Trust me, it will work
russell bulluck
You know, running is the first thing Entei and Raiko will do.  If a pokemon has a move mean look and taunt.  I'd recommend using mean look first.  Mean look will prevent them from running.  Then I would recommend using taunt to prevent them from ussing roar, that way you might have a chance of using the pokeballs.  I know it does not last long, but I did it with Gengar once.  I was able to catch Entei and Raiko that way because my Gengar had the moves mean look and taunt.
Ryan Gallagher
The fastest way to do it is to go onto route 38 then keep switching from route 38 and 39 because you only urn a corner.
russell bulluck
I know an effective way to truly to those two pokemon from escaping,  Pokemon that know the move both mean look and Taunt.  The reason I say that is because taunt prevents Raioku and Entei from using roar and the reason I would use mean look is also to prevent them from running away.  So mean look and taunt both help alot. B)
Steve Brown
1. get a pokemon that can learn false swipe 2.use that pokemon 3.use that false swipey! 4. use hypnosis 5. use mean look 6. use ultra ball. these are the thing you need to do to catch entei suicune and raikou. good luck!
you can also use disable
Thanks thins helps a lot
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