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Published on Aug 2, 2010

I swear everytime I finish watching a idol variety show, I become a fan of them! 2PM WildBunny&IdolArmy, Shinee's Hello Baby and now Mblaq idol army. If I ever become the president of a Korean entertainment company, I'll put my artist in as much variety show as possible. Because honestly their music is great, but watching a music video won't lead you to this connection with the idols. After you watch their shows, you start to see their personalities and remember their names, discover their charms and watch them do things they do best.

My favorite from most to least:
1.Seung Ho 1/2.Lee Joon 3.Thunder 4.G.O. 6.Mir
I won't tell you why they are placed in this order, because it's not likely that you're interested, but if you are curious you can ask me, and I'll be glad to answer. And if you are wondering why Lee Joon is 1/2, it's because I like SeungHo and LeeJoon both equally! They are both phenomenal (:

Mblaq, your on my radar ~

HAHAHAAAA, and you know what I just noticed? I forgot the "vee" to my 'MVTeeVee' in the video! Oh snaps, first time misspelling my own screenname, after so many videos.

There's something I'm wondering though, how do cameraman's refrain from laughing. I mean if I were a cameraman recording this show I would constantly drop the camera and start rolling on the floor and laughing. Do they wear earplugs or something? o.O" Hahaa.

Question of the video--: Mblaq or B2ST?

Thanks to ABMSUBS for giving me permission to use their clips. I didn't want to use their hardwork, so I covered most of the subs, except the ending. And some other captions were too big to cover. ABMSUBS rock, for subbing Korean Mblaq videos. Go watch their video to know more about Mblaq!


Tumblr: http://goo.gl/Rz49d3
Instagram: http://goo.gl/oU89yj
Linked account: http://goo.gl/jGn7fC

Video: Idol Army Mblaq (JTune)
Song: Radar by Britney Spears

MvTeeVee does not own video content. No copyright intended, mainly for entertainment purposes. If producers of this drama / song feel violated in any way, please make sure to let me know so I can remove it. No money was made.

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jennifer wren
heya MVTeeVee... thanks for all the upload ya made.. i really appreciate it.. actually i started to like MBLAQ since i watched their appearance on hello baby..honestly i dunno know this group male dancers not til i saw this show hello baby yesterday.. was kinda bored that time kekekeke n was looking for something to watch on youtube n i saw this hellow baby.. watched the previous hellowwww baby but MBLAQ has the highest ratings for me :) heck!! theyre all smoking HOT compared to some of dancers 
@MVTeeVee Last: Mir. i still like him, but after i saw MBLAQ goes to school i decided he was last. he complained the whole time and didn't put any effort into the show (although i understand that it was a difficult one) sorry this was so long XD
@MVTeeVee 4. G.O. is only second to last because of the people he is up against. i still find his off beat humor hysterical and no matter how much everyone else hates it i love his facial hair 
@MVTeeVee lol well our are pretty different XD First: SeungHo, he used to be my least favorite (like when i hadn't seen any of their shows) but after i saw Idol Army and other shows i realized what a gem he is (+ he speaks english well <3) 2. Lee Joon/Thunder are tied because i really can't decide when i first saw joon he was my 1st because of how gorgeous he was but was then bumped down cause of SeunHo.
lol okay i know i've commented like 3 times already but i just read the description and Completely Agree about getting to know the members after seeing them on shows and stuff. i watched this and loved MBLAQ so much they are hysterical!! Mir is my last too but i am curious to know why you chose that order?
OMIGOSH lee joon eating the ice cream at 2:45 soooo funny XD
lol lee joon's face in slow mo when he got flung out of his seat lee joon is the best <33
Efni Fern Star
Lee Joon THE BEST!!!! 
I <3 MBLAQ as my #1 Fav Kpop group I agree BIG BANG is a great group but they must be second to the goofy, natural and cool guys that are MBLAQ ^^ 
Ferayeen Scale
@MVTeeVee can you share with me about why you classify them like that.. hehe.. please.. i want to know why , and why and why... soo curious (actually the class you do is exactly like my thought but 1.lee joon 2. thunder 3.seoungho 4. GO 5.MIR)
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