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Uploaded on May 1, 2009

Ronan's 4th: Abyss Knight

Ronan, a descendant of the highest house of Magic Swordsmen in Kanavan, the House of Erudon, has received the highest praise and glory in the war against Kaze'aze.
However, great evil has taken hold over the Bermesiah Continent once again, and as an unknown, mysterious new continent appears, Ronan is once again thrust headlong into a perilous situation. Throughout the ongoing melee, Ronan relied upon the strength of his pedigree but just when he thought he had reached his limit a mysterious guardian of chaos was summoned by the House of Erudon and instructed to deliver a forbidden magical weapon to Ronan. This weapon was none other than the Tyrfing, a sword of immense power that can only be held with magical gloves.
The Tyrfing is a cursed blade that amplifies the powers of a swordsman when his powers are at their weakest. The amplification comes at a cost though. Rather than simply allowing anyone to wield the blade without regard to safety, the blade feeds on its wielders life. Anyone not ready to wield a Tyrfing will soon regret ever picking up the blade.
Ronan, who had trained hard and freed the continent from the grasp of evil, has attained the rank of the strongest class of Magic Swordsmen, Abyss Knight, and is stepping forward towards the chaos of the new continent.
An Abyss Knight is a member of the strongest class of Magic Swordsmen. The Abyss Knight wields the Tyrfing, a weapon which amplifies the Magic Swordsman's skills, and wears a glove to amplify his magical abilities. With a more developed sense of restraint and connected magic he can actively release his attacks with terminal precision. The result of this amplified magic is a combo that can still incorporate varied and powerful magic which increases the charge and destructive power of the Magic Swordsman's skills.
On a basic level the Abyss Knight can only fight 1:1 or only against a small number of enemies, but since he makes use of different battle styles, he can summon a Valkyrie and together attack the enemy by scorching the area around them, dominating a large number of enemies.

Quest (GP):
Lvl: 40
1) 3 Cyclops's Hairs
2) 20 Bone Fragments
3) 5 Giant Stone Golem Hearts
4) 15 Paradom kills
5) 30 Skeleton Knight kills
6) 5 Dark Anmon Horns
7) 5 Black Fairy Queen kills
8) 20 Armored Cat kills
9) 90 Journals
10) 45 Certifercates

Everything EXEPT the Bone Fragments is 100% Drop Rate.
Unlike 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job quests, this asks you to do have 3 separate missions included. They invovle Kastulle Ruins Lower and Upper Floors and Battle for Bermesiah. The next mission will be in the quest log after you've completed it's previous. The 3rd mission will grant you the job change.

Quest (Cash):
Lvl: 40
1) Collect 1 Cyclops Hair.
2) Collect 1 Giant Stone Golem Heart.
3) Collect 1 Dark Anmon Horn.
4) Collect 17 Journals.
5) Collect 7 Certifercates.

Weapon: Abyss Knights use a Tryfing, which is a Magic Sword & Gauntlet.


Black Magic:
1st Bar:
Shadow Stinger: Ronan will use a flurry attack and the final hit will push back. Like Divine Slash, this skill can be chained.
2nd Bar:
Rock Blaster: Ronan will use two blasts from infront, jump up and then launch a furious blast on the floor. Getting caught in this will lead to certain death.
3rd Bar:
Tornado Stinger: Ronan will jump up, cast several Swords, swing them around, land, and then change them into a angle 180% upward and fire them. Very devistating.

White Magic:
1st Bar:
Soul Wave: Ronan will use magic on the floor which repells them. After that the magic launches them into the air and returns them. Chaining this multiple times will make your foe never touch the ground.
2nd Bar:
Abyss Storm: Ronan will cast a twister infront of him. Anything caught in it will be sent flying all around.
3rd Bar:
Heaven's Guardian: Ronan will summon a Valkyire (or Heavenly Angel) and use it to attack.

Other Attacks: Technically the Abyss Knight is more for combos rather than special abilities.
Basic Combo: Ronan uses a flurry strike.
Crit and Double: Ronan will cast magic on the floor and repell the target.
Air Combo: Ronan jumps up in the air and strikes during a basic combo.
Magic Combo: Ronan casts magic on the floor during a basic combo.
Dash Combo: Same thing as Air Combo exept used in an Dashing manner.
Jump Magic Attack: Ronan casts magic in the air and aims it beneth him.
Raising Thrust: Ronan raises a sword from the ground and from his hand. Can block projectiles.
Force Gather: Ronan gathers for energy and a Rune Flare appears behind him. Unlike the actual Rune Flare, it cant be combinded with skills.
Mono Bolt: Ronan fires short-ranged lasers infront him. Used with Force Gather.
Dust Chip: Ronan places 3 explosives infront of him. They arent like Alchemist's "Booby Trap" however.


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