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Published on Feb 5, 2012

All MX racers or riders know that Motocross is one of the
toughest sports on the planet. However over the years we have
had countless people say to us "all you have to do is sit down and twist
the throttle and let the bike do the work". Well folks this film is for all
those people who say ............"Motocross is Easy."
Subacribe now - https://www.youtube.com/user/999lazer
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Comments • 2,578

Kahutea song
all my frends said that mx is easy, i put my fittest friend on a 125 and said, " ok if its easy, try beat me around the track" so we started, and i finnished first, ten minutes later, he still hasnt finnished, so i did 1 more lap to look for him, he was sitting down on side of the track puffing cos he was tired, and he said he stalled the bike and dropped it and couldnt pick it up hahahah
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Aqua Goliath
+64maxpower Fagot
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Captain Price
not a single four stroke was heard that race
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DubClub TV
Garrett Gustafson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂dude that had me dead, "anyone with more than one brain cell". 😂😂😂
Codie Brown
ha funny
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Kyle Herwehe
I hate it when I am at school and there is that group of soccer nuts that say moto cross is just in the wrist and say soccer can kill you and break you're face in but when I hear that every one that does moto cross or even has ridden a dirt bike hears bs
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I like soccer but motocross is definitely harder.
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i get so nervous leading up to the gate drop but once it drops im in heaven  
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zed wakefield I'm about to get an rmz-250 and I'm 5' 5" XD
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According to ESPN motocross is the most physically demanding sport. You are controlling 200 pounds of metal flying through the air. Your body never ever stops moving in motocross. The whole race you are constantly having to man handle that bike, which if the haters who say it is so easy have ever even touched a dirt bike, would know is far from easy. Landing jumps might as well be like doing weighted squat thrusts all day long. G-forces are ridiculous. Not to mention cornering, decelerating, accelerating, all hard things on a motorcycle. no back rest to thrust you forward so just hold on for dear life, and the fatter you are the harder that is, and I assume most of the people that say mx is easy are couch 'taters so it'd be really hard for them. Anyway after a day of just TRAIL riding all your ass wants to do is go take a nap. Mx is freaking hard. Respect those that do it.
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your right man
Logan Montgomery
+chris davenport​ Ya wrestling is hard. I wrestle too and i about won districts.
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I played football then rode bmx for 6 years so I had a reasonable level of fitness, but after riding the track in the video above Canada Heights for the first time I was ready to give up after the first lap, nothing I've done compares to mx.
john basher
Anybody that says motocross is easy is a complete & absolute dumb ass. Easy compared to what? Take a sport like football for example, the average time the ball is actually in play in an NFL game is 11 minutes! (thats a fact look it up). 11 minutes with huge breaks in between. Then take baseball, you're either standing around the vast majority of the time while fielding, or sitting on your ass while waiting to bat. Games like soccer, basketball, lacrosse and hockey are definitely physically demanding, but once again these players are subbed in and out of the game often. Motocross motos are all out physical exertion for 20 - 40 minutes, heart rate at 170 the whole time, using both fast twitch-high strength "explosive" muscles and slow twitch endurance muscles. Enduros and hare scrambles are 2 - 3 hours long! with intense focus, and physical exertion, a moments lapse in concentration can equal a nasty crash. I've played all kinds of sports and have done motocross and hare scramble racing, I can easily say the latter is the absolute hardest. It's like being on the most intense exercise machine while also concentrating on the fine art of balance, expertly manipulating the 5 controls like a surgeon, and if you mess up you get burned by the ground pretty bad.
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Logan Montgomery
+john basher Im with you man.  30+ min of everything you got pushing it to the limit.  But then you got all those breaking bumps and trying to control a 200 lbs beast.  Im 12 and I was the only one to finish the 16 and under class in an AMA National endure on a KTM 65.  60+ miles of intensness.  I fouled a spark plug half way through and still finished.
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Loius Slungpue
"Motocross is easily the most underestimated of physical conditioning of all sports." - Abraham Lincoln
Leeroy Jones
Riding dirtbikes is easy, riding it at the limit around a track isn't. I've been riding since I was a child and i'll be the first to admit that I can't ride a 250 2 stroke to its limit around a track, not many people can.
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Leeroy Jones
+Evil 343 Im 33 now and since the age of 6 when I got my first bike only one has been 4 stroke and I sold that after around 2 months. I love smokers, always have, im just not that naive to know that around a dirt track it's not easy to ride flatout without risk of killing yourself.
Evil 343
+Leeroy Jones Then you never grew up around 2 strokes
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Ethan Naper
every other sport takes one ball but motocross takes two.
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