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Published on Jun 21, 2010


A Twilight Saga Theme Song Parody, twelfth in a series of Theme Song Homages, sung to the tune of the One and Only "Bella's Lullaby" from Twilight.

Thanks to Kelen Coleman for being a spot-on Bella!


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http://www.goldentusk.net for the Full OFFICIAL Original Lyrics
http://www.facebook.com/goldentusk for Behind the Scenes
http://www.twitter.com/goldentusk for Updates

Photos from: http://www.pdfoto.com, http://www.imageafter.com, http://www.morguefile.com, http://www.bigfoto.com, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/main_page, http://www.picfindr.com, http://pdphoto.org, http://www.sxc.hu, and http://www.flickr.com.

I did not like the thought of this franchise, as it seemed aimed at thirteen year old girls, but, I have to say that after watching the first two films, I was kind of hooked. I am intrigued by the story of forbidden love and the following themes: How does a human being fall in love with a monster? Classic Beauty and the Beast. This is further complicated by the fact that Bella is a teenager and this is probably her first love. (Which is why it's kind of nuts how infatuated she becomes, but, at the same time, makes absolute sense...if you've gone through that) The fact that werewolves and vampires probably don't get along. What other monsters have been paired up? Vampires and Zombies. Can't think of many others off the top of my head.

The song deals mainly with Twilight and New Moon, as I think the real story leads up to the choice she has to make.

I purchased Bella's clothing from Urban Outfitters, and Edward's mainly from Target. The pea coat was the essential costume piece for Edward. I searched thrift stores for an entire day in Los Angeles, but I finally was led to the Army/Navy Surplus Store. It was summer. There were no wool pea coats anywhere, but the surplus store sold them for Naval Officers. I made the epilets myself and bought the vampire glitter at a Halloween store. Sometimes I resemble Peter Falk more than Robert Pattinson, but there are times I am dead on. The glitter was a problem. When I tried to apply a small amount to my face, the entire bottle poured out, all over my bathroom. The product warns you not to put glitter anywhere near your eyes, and mine were covered. In fact, after I filmed and took two showers, there was still glitter on my eyelashes. Luckily, no damage. :) The werewolf tattoo that Jacob gets in the second film looks horrible, but as I do this all by myself, I tried to recreate it with my other hand in the mirror. I went toyed with the idea of buying some fangs, but figured it was overkill and the videos always seem to come out better when it's in a medium shot anyway, so you wouldn't really have been able to see them. I also toyed with the idea of getting bright brown contacts, but, luckily my eyes are already hazel. We used some fake stage blood on Kelen. We both really wanted to do a few shots Carrie-style, where I just poured gallons of fake blood on her. It would have been a great gag, but it would have been super crazy to clean up, not to mention the fact that the stuff doesn't come off your skin very easily so she would have been completely red in the face when she went to work that night, pun INTENDED. We settled for a little on the finger and a drip on the arm. We filmed a couple takes where we used ketchup on her face, but it didn't look realistic, it smelled horrible, and it didn't look nearly as good on camera. She looked homeless and dirty, rather than bleeding and pained.


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