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Published on May 4, 2008

So, after almost a month of hard work, and not to mention a couple of roadblocks along the way, I give to you my math rap for the Deer Valley High School Math Rap 2008 Competition.

*Update! I won the math rap contest! Whoo hoo!
Check out Billy Spivy's!

"Show me a Sine"
Lyrics by Franklin Gervacio
Music by Joshua Ramos & Franklin Gervacio
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Pak

(Verse 1)
Back to the days of the countin' on the fingers and toes
Adding, subtracting and multiplying down all them rows
Cause we chill from 93 'til infinity, feelin' me
Graphing parabolic functions reachin' up 'til eternity
The sum of arithmetic sequences, we solve it fast
It's easy once you add the first term to the last
Take that sum, multiply by half the terms you got
Forget your calculator cause we drop it like it's hot
Movin' on dividin' fractions, easy as pi (3.14)
You just flip the bottom and you multiply
It's the F to the O to the I to the L
Binomial Distribution, yeah this time's for reals
So just Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
She don't know that this is how we chill up here in Nor-Cali
With the points and lines and the numbers through the roof
Side steppin', double checkin' postulatin' my proof
Sound waves in your ear, it must be a sine
I'll be spittin' on this math rap 'til the end of time, c'mon

Hey! Hey! Hey! We solved it
Show me a sine
Hey! Hey! Hey! We got it
Show me your sine
Hey! Hey! Hey! We solved it
Show me a sine
Hey! Hey! Hey! You know it
Mathematical rhymes

(Verse 2)
Spittin' straight knowledge, I make it my life
I be bustin' all them fractions like my pencil was a knife
No need to fear, your math savior is here
Calculatin', Graduatin' at the end of this year
Shootin' like a ray, one end point, the other goes
Euclidian geometry, where it ends nobody knows
Complementary, Supplementary, 90 to 180
360 like a circle, triangles don't even faze me
Permutations, Combinations, Order of Operations
Negative square roots is all imagination
Solvin' Rubik's Cube's with perfect algorithms
Don't even try to lie, you know rockin' to this rhythm
So listen, it's simple once you know
Math is the same wherever you will go
So here's someone with a little thing to say
Just spittin' a little wisdom en françias
Je m'appelle Pierre; Je suis l'homme de la Terre
Les Mathématiques, ça çe que j'aime faire
À mon Lycée, yes, every single day
Finis mes devoirs je suis expert de la pays
Duex et duex fait quatre, l'addition c'est façile
La réel problem de la vie, c'est diffiçle
Form exponetielle, j'écrit tout le temps
Isolatin' variables, leading coefficients gone
Est-ce que vous comprenez the things that I say?
Est-ce que tu sais that I hail from the bay?
Completin' squares, I swear I don't swear
Calculations so sexy you can't help but stare

Hey! Hey! Hey! We solved it
Hey! Hey! Hey! You know it
Les Mathématiques

(Verse 3)
Rocking conic sections from the first to last
Graphin' out hyperbolas, sketchin' asymptotes fast
Far from circular with elliptical eccentricity
Casting lucid shadows through the laws of perfect symmetry
Central Limit Theorem, relating samples in the end
Is your graph a function? The line test is your friend
Solve a system and you'll know just where they intersect
Need help with trig? Haven't got there yet
Done so many operations I'm doctor Math
You'll be needin' serum soon, spreading knowledge like the staph
I'm 3 standard deviations from the central mean
Doin' all my homework in pen, cause my logic is so clean
Compound interest keeps me goin', constantly I keep on flowin'
Like an exponential function, I just keep on rollin' going
Don't forget to simplify, common factors need to go
Breakin' down dividin' right, that's all you really need to know
Inductively, inductively, this concludes my verses 3
Presented here exclusively, brought to you by Franklin G.

Hey! Hey! Hey! You know it
Show me a sine
Hey! Hey! Hey! We solved it
Show me your sine
Hey! Hey! Hey! You know it
Show me a sin
Hey! Hey! Hey! We got it
Mathematical rhymes

My name is Pierre; I'm the man of the land
Mathematics, that's what I love to do
At my high school, yes every single day
Finish my homework; I'm the expert of my country
Two plus two is four, addition is easy
The real problems of life, that's difficult
Exponential form, I write that all the time
Isolatin' variables, leading coefficients gone
Do you understand the things that I say?
Do you know that I hail from the bay?
Completin' etc...

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