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Published on Jun 7, 2012

How to make $6,757 dollars a week trading binary options from home: http://tinyurl.com/BinaryBonus500
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**Attention: I do not recommend this method, especially not to beginners. No method can guarantee a 100% success rate.

The method I DO recommend is this one (Its a lot more conservative and easier to profit in the long term). Its called "How to make $500 an hour (Method 2)":

To try this method for free...

1. First get your free account here:

2. Then, while logged in, grab pen and paper.

First pick something you want to trade....

Second write down your entry point on your imaginary trade and decide whether the price will go up or down.

Third, come back in a minute and see if you guessed right.

Test this out until you get the hang out of before trading binary options with real money.

Get your free account here:


Binary options indicator click here:

If you are still interested in trying this method even though I advise against it, read below for some pointers (I wouldn't try this method until you've built up your balance to at least $1,000 with Method 2 on my channel):

**Golden rules for the above video (by Keith).

"1. In popularity there must be a bias one way. If the EUR/USD has an even trader insight DO NOT TRADE.
2. You have to be quick to catch the .5 decimal trade. If you're using a laptop you might want to use a mouse rather than the track pad for speed, or if you have a slow mouse INVEST IN A BETTER ONE!. This is important because If you miss the entry point to answer the phone then your odds drop from 100% to 50%.
3. Do not change the direction of a trade midway.
4. After each winning trade always check the popularity.
5. Don't deviate from the staking plan. It's easy to get greedy but greed = failure"
6. Only trade when the NY Stock Exchange is open which is 9am to 4pm EST US Time.
7. Don't take a bonus if they ask you. You'll be able to withdraw faster if you don't take a bonus.

Get your free account here:

Thanks for all the comments.

The account in the video is a real money account that went from $250 to over $6,000 in a week using the method. I didn't make the video, just shared it after trying the method. This is the same video I saw that got me started and into it.

I think the method is risky and it is good to learn a bit more about trading and reading the graphs before jumping in to ensure success.

I have uploaded a few different straight forward methods that will help beginners learn and take advantage of binary options. Pick your favorite. Each of the strategies will be useful to keep in mind when trading.

Method 2 "Make $500 An Hour Trading Binary Options" is the least risky out of the 3 methods I have uploaded so far and you can do it with only $5 trades. Some people don't like the idea of doing a $100 trades and this way you don't have to if you don't want to. I actually recommend this method more than the one in the above video. See the method here:

5:56 Don't expect to follow this video blindly, common sense and timing are a huge factor. For example, if the stock is predicted to go down (in the binary tab) and while you are trading it keeps going up, then this is a time to wait until the stock starts doing what you want it to do before performing your trade.

2:40 Best time to trade this method? I would trade options when all the major stock markets are open (if you can), this way, you have major forces that push price action to make it move, while yes, we don't need a huge move to win on these options, but, we want some movement "away from our entry" and hover elsewhere, thus, allowing us a higher chance of winning. If you trade during 1 market open, then make sure you trade the currency/vehicle
that reacts to that market open.

US and International traders can visit our most recommended broker here:

1:32 Binary Options involves great risk. No method can be 100% guaranteed to work 100% of the time. It is a skill. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Hope this helps,


Get your free account here:

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How to make $6,757 dollars a week trading binary options from home
Disclaimer: Try this or any methods at your own risk. I receive compense for every link in my channel, If I am not receiving compense then it was an oversight on my part and will be corrected soon.


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