Fall-Justin Bieber love story ep 29 (S3)♥





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Published on Jul 31, 2011

In that moment, the world stood still. Millions of viewers worldwide, just saw Justin ask Jessie, to be his wife. There were many heartbroken fan-girls, but how could someone not be happy for them?

Jessie's POV: D-did Justin really just... propose to me?! I'm so shocked, my mouth is wide open and I must look like an absolute idiot, right now! The crowd is screaming so loud, it's earsplitting! I can't believe Justin wants me to marry him... he wants me to be his wife! Wh-why am I crying, stop crying!!

"Ju-Justin..." Stuttered Jessie, playing with her fingers. Tears began to fall, and Jessie couldn't control them. "I-I..." She stuttered
"B-baby, what's wrong? Please don't cry! If you don't want to marry me, that's okay!" Comforted Justin.
"Yes!!! She screeched, launching herself into his arms. The tears that escaped her eyes, were a mixture of shock and happiness. Justin's heart melted, he felt instantly warm inside. His wishes had all just been granted. ♥

"Oh my gosh, thank-you Jessie! You won't regret this, I swear!" Grinned Justin, hugging her, while swaying from side to side. "Awwwww!!!" Screamed many female members of the audience.
"Aww, congratulations!! But, aren't you two a little young, to be getting married?" Scoffed Mack and Miki.
"Yes, yes we are... but we don't care" They giggled, hugging each other warmly. Justin put his hands Jessie's hips and leant down a little, to kiss her, people began ripping up pieces of paper, in the crowd, and throwing them onstage, as if they were confetti. Justin deepened the kiss between them, then leaned his head on top of hers'. "And that's time for a break!" Prompted Miki. The show suddenly went off air.
"Are you sure this is okay? I mean, what if your parents don't like me? What about the Jessie and Justin situation? Should I just leave Helen and Diego hanging?" Worried Mel, hugging Ryan.
"What's wrong with my best friend, meeting my parents? You're amazing, they'll love you!" He Chuckled.
"Justin and Jessie... they'll be fine. They can look after themselves! I forgot to ask you, if you wanted to stay a while? Do you think your parents would be cool with that?" Asked Ryan. "Oh my gosh, really? I'll call them later! Th-that's if your parents like me" She laughed.
"Yeah, why don't you phone your parents now, and ask them?" Suggested Ryan.

"Alright, I'll do it Ry!" Grinned Mel, then grabbed her cellphone, from her handbag. She scrolled through her speed dial list, and "Hi mom" She greeted Miu with, as she picked up.
"Hi sweetie, when do you want us to pick you up?" She asked.
"Well actually... I was kind of wondering, well, you know Ryan, who I was sitting next to in the parent's meeting, before camp?" Quizzed Melissa. "Yeah, what about him?" She said, a Japanese accent encasing her words. "I was wondering, if it's okay with his parents, if I stay for a while... I mean-" She began.
"Here, let me speak to your mom" Interrupted Ryan, grabbing the phone from her. "Hello? Hello?"
"Hello, Mrs. Parker. I'm Ryan, nice to talk to you again, how are you?" Smiled Ryan.
"Oh um, I'm very well thank-you, now about Melissa staying with you, I'm really not sure about that"

"Please be assured, there would be proper accommodation for Melissa. There is a school nearby that she could attend for a couple of days, I'm sure my parents would be happy to talk it over with you"
"Well... it would do her good, to explore, a little. I'll call your mother, Ryan, have a little chat" She agreed.
"That's fine, I'll get her to call you as soon as possible. Thank-you, I'll call later, goodbye" Stated Ryan.
"Well?" Prompted Melissa. "Sounds good!" Chuckled Ryan. "Yes!!" She exclaimed.

Melissa's phone began to ring in Ryan's hands. "Oh" It was Jessie. "Jess!!!!!!!" Yelled Mel, answering.
"Ow!!" Cringed Jessie and Justin, covering their ears. Melissa was on loud speaker. "How are you guys? Why didn't you call me?! Oh my gosh, where are you!!!" She bombarded them with questions.
"We can't tell anyone where we are just yet, but we do have some news for you!" Laughed Justin.
"Oh my, what's happened now? Ah, you guys are full of surprises!" Guffawed Mel.
"Shall we tell her, Drew-Drew?" Giggled Jessie, backstage with Justin. "You know it, baby!"
"Spit it out, guys!" She pressed. "Back onstage, in five, four, three, two, go!" Shouted a stage manager.
"Oh, gotta go, talk later! Love ya!" Whispered Jessie, then hung up swiftly. She and Justin sprinted back onto the stage.


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