1. How Weed Works: THC

  2. Man Made Earthquakes and More

  3. Homophobia and Consumerism

  4. Indonesian Earthquakes

  5. High-Fructose Corn Syrup: The "Dark Lord" of Nutrition

  6. Marie Curie: Great Minds

  7. Apocalypse? How?!

  8. Alfred Wegener: Great Minds

  9. Apocalypse Averted, Colossal Squid, & Rocket to the Sun?

  10. Vestigial Structures

  11. Visiting The Abyss!

  12. Caffeine!

  13. Invasive Species: The Story of Bunny

  14. Sun VS. Atomic Bomb

  15. Glowing Rats and Extreme Genetic Engineering

  16. How to Live Forever? Be a Jellyfish

  17. Laser Fusion, Gaming Revolution, and 5 Awesome Irish Scientists

  18. The Sex Lives of Early Humans

  19. More Higgs boson news!

  20. Why We Love Sugar

  21. The Science of Overpopulation

  22. Mendeleev's Periodic Table

  23. Inside the Ice Man, Dark Matter Mystery, and Fukushima Cleanup

  24. Earth's Not-So-Juicy Center

  25. Faster Than Light Facts, Horny Little Man, and Worst Science Movie Winner!

  26. Europa

  27. The Mysterious Leap Second

  28. Rare Earth Elements

  29. Obesity

  30. Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

  31. Filippo Brunelleschi: Great Minds

  32. Awesome Inventions by African Americans

  33. Helium

  34. Wheezy Waiter on Movie Science, Mutant Flu Facts, and 2 Sounds You've Never Heard!

  35. Cloaking Devices!

  36. GRACE Mission Data Informs Climate Science: Getting Beyond the Spin About Sea-Level Rise

  37. Gold: The Big Bling

  38. Football Disease, Moon Base Dreams, and the Deepest Vents Ever!

  39. The Mayan Calendar & 2012

  40. Ancient Lake in Antarctica Reached!

  41. Cavitation

  42. Climate Change

  43. Curiosity: Mars' Next Visitor

  44. Yellowstone Supercomputer

  45. Solar Storms

  46. Mind Reading

  47. Epigenetics

  48. Foldit Gamers FTW

  49. Tatooine Discovered?

  50. So what IS the Higgs boson?

  51. Tardigrades: Adorable Extremophiles

  52. Solar Energy

  53. Electric Airplanes for the Future!

  54. Quantum Fishing for the Higgs Boson

  55. Non-Newtonian Fluids & A Bulletproof Hoodie

  56. SciShow Preview