Got Me Goin Crazy- A Jonas Brothers Love Story- Ch. 8





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Published on Mar 5, 2009


RECAP: Joe and Kelley got in a food fight. Carson and Kevin are going to Starbucks. And Kelley and Joe are planning a prank!

AGAIN!! CREDIT GOES TO--- 321JonasGirl123


With Kelley and Joe!!

Kelley: Wann prank him right?
Joe: *Nods*
Kelley: Ok so we *Whispers in his ear*
Joe: Hmmmm sounds good to me!


Nick: So...wanna go out tonight?
Beth:Sure where?
Nick: How about...the restaurant on the corner?
Beth:OMG! That would be awesome!

Kevin and Carson!!

Kevin: What is your favorite drink?
Carson: Vanilla bean Frap with no whip cream
Kevin: No whip cream?!?
Carson: Nope!
Kevin: Wow. *Orders and pays*

They sat down and start laughing

Joe and Kelley!!

Kelley: Perfect!
Ryan: *Moans* What?

while ryan was asleep Kelley and Joe put noise makers all around Ryan's bed so when he got up it would make noises...and when he walked to turn on his light...there would be fake fire crackers.

Ryan: AHHHH! *Walks out the door* KELLEY!
Kelley: hey! *Smiles*
Ryan: Where did you get all of this?
Kelley: Your closet
Ryan: *Sees Joe* Who are you?
Joe: Joe...Joe Jonas.
Ryan: Popstar?
Joe: Rockstar
Kelley: Ok so Ryan can Joe borrow some clothes?
Ryan: *Looks at Joe* You need some...I thought you were rich.
Joe:Someone! Threw pancakes at me!
Ryan: PANCAKES!*Starts to go downstairs but Kelley stops him*
Kelley: 1. They are gone. 2. give clothes first

Ryan went in his room and got Joe some clothes and Joe changed and they went downstairs with everyone else.

Kevin and Carson!!

Kevin: So she really did that?
Carson: yeah!
Kevin: Wow. I've seen Joe do some pretty weird stuff but that tops it! *Laughs*
Carson: *Laughs*
Kevin: Her and Joe would make a great couple!
Carson: Oh yeah! Perfect couple!

Everyone else at home!!

Joe: What time is it?
Nick: *Looks at his watch* uh...1.
Joe: YES! BARNEY TIME!! *Turns on the TV and Barney is on*
Beth: Oh god! *Laughs*
Nick: She likes it too?
Beth: Big time! She watches it like everyday.
Joe: SHHH! The song is on!
KL/J: I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great bug hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too!
N/B: *Burst out laughing*
J/KL: *Turns around again* SHHHHHHH!
Kelley: Yeah! Or I'm gonna hit you! *Turns back*
Nick: Sorry!
Beth: COme on. Let's go outside.*Grabs his hand and pulls him outside*

THey sat on the front porch.

Nick: Why did we leave?
Beth: She will really hit us. Trust me.
Nick: *Laughs* No really
Beth: *Serious* I'm not kidding.
Nick: *Stops laughing* Oh god.

Later that night!!

Bethany and Kelley are in Beth's room.

Beth: Thanks for helping me get ready!
Kelley: No problem! It's your first official date with Nick Jonas!
Beth: I know!
kelley: You have to look PERFECT!
Beth: Just PLEASE don't over do it!
Kelley: What are you trying to say?
Beth: Nothing! FOrget I said that! *Smiles*

Beth got dressed and did her hair.

Kelley: You look great girlie! *Hugs her*
Beth: Thanks! *Lookin in a mirror*


Beth: HE'S HERE! *Gets nervous*
Kelley: You Ok?
Beth: Well I was ok just talking to him but now that we're going on a date I'm kinda nervous!
Kelley: Don't be! Just be yourself! *Smiles*
Beth: Ok.
Kelley: Go! I'll stay here when you get back!
Beth: Ok! Bye Kelley! *Runs downstairs*
Kelley: *Sighs* Wow. *Laughs to herself*


So how will the date go? :D


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